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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Too Late.

I'm starting to get a bit excited about the Prologue on Friday night. The infield at the track is totally soaked, and these cold damp mornings are only making it worse. There's rain forecasted for Friday, which should bring a real touch of Winter to proceedings. And, finally, this time we won't have to bring our filthy bikes home with us, because Matty "Melways" Ladner is bringing down his high-pressure hose. For a gold coin donation to the Brunswick Cycling Club he'll cleanse your bike of mud, and if you slip him a fiver he'll probably squirt you too.

Monday, 30 May 2011

We Give The Voyeurs Something To Look At.

Hey folks! We now have our own subheading on the Brunswick Cycling Club website, and some of their answers are clearer than ours - especially when it comes to licencing. Check it out here.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mind Your Own Business.


This is Nik Cee, one of the organizers of Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Series. He's been training pretty damn hard for the 2011 Series, and is pretty much ready to tear the legs off any competition. While he'll definitely get the chance to show his epic strength on Friday night, however, he knows that the Prologue is just for fun, and that a) it's not necessarily about the fastest guys in the race and b) depending on the number of racers, he may not even be competing against the other superfast guys. Because the Prologue is being run over a smaller-than-usual course, it's increasingly looking like we're going to have to split the races up into bunches, and these bunches will be based on a) Category (either Open or CX) and b) order of registration.

I'll explain the latter point in a bit more detail. At the rego desk we hand out numbers in the order that people sign in. If you're first in line, you get number 1, second in line gets number 2, and so on. At the Prologue we'll be breaking riders up so that (for example) numbers 1 - 20 ride against each other, 20 - 40 ride against each other, and so on. We'll keep track of the results, and this will allow us to create grades for the rest of the series - you know, the races that actually count.

So what does all this mean? It means that while we expect you to race as hard as you possibly can - and that we may even reward you for doing so - you should only be racing in these events for fun. If you're taking it super seriously, you should probably wait til the real races begin in a fortnight.

It also means that you have the unique opportunity to tweak the fields a little, so that you can compete in a race that consists solely of your mates / other singlespeeders / drunkards. Just make sure you all register at the same time - it's a simple as that.

We came up with the idea for a Prologue because we didn't just want to have a launch party - this ain't no art exhibition! We wanted to give people an opportunity to stand around and talk shit about bikes and heckle and hang out and get all worked up on candy from the kiosk, with a bit of racing thrown in. More important than the racing, however, is the party. So fill your thermos full of Irish Coffee, put on an extra pair of socks, bring some blankets and a lagerphone, get rowdy and come on down.

Compared To What?


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Diamond Cut.

Hey, there's been some confusion, so here's the start times for the prologue:

Course and Rego open at 6pm, Friday 3rd of June.
Racing starts at 7pm.

Races will be short and fast. Each rider will get at least two races. There will be food available from the kiosk. BYO beverages / blankets / noisemakers / waterpistols.

It will be fun.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Hey, Nath from DDCXHQ is going to be talking about the series on 3CR in ten minutes (aka 10am on the 23rd of May). you can listen here, or I'll put the podcast up when it's done. He's had a lot of coffee, so it should be entertaining listening.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

If You Can't Dance.

I did this interview with Lewis for a more esteemed publication, but thought I'd also include it here for your viewing pleasure.

As the opening prologue of Melbourne, Australia’s 2011 Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series draws near, Brendan Bailey from the DDCX organizing committee sat down with the 2010 Aggregate winner, Lewis Rattray, to discuss the upcoming races.

BB: Hey Lewis, how's it going? As reigning Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Champion, how are you feeling about this year's series?

LR: I’ve been pretty well, thanks. Even thinking about the upcoming series makes me a little nervous! I’m super pumped for it, and hope to defend the title, but I also realise there'll be a heap more good riders out there to give it a go. Perhaps what little experience I have could give me an edge. I’ll just have to find out as soon as the gun goes.

BB: So how have you been preparing for the series? Is your preparation different to last year?

LR: Last year my preparation involved heavy drinking most weekends (a year of 21st birthdays), and about 6 hours training a week just to keep myself interested. I now have the year off uni between courses and I'm training everyday. I've also cut back on the benders. I’m hoping to keep this up through winter but we'll see how we go.

BB: Oh really? Because I heard things got pretty loose at your house the other night. Anyway, last year you made a controversial switch from the Mountain Bike class to the CX bike class midway through the series. Do you have any similar shenanigans planned this year?

LR: Haha! Well if I only do it once a month instead of every weekend I figure I’m doing well. No bike shenanigans this year. I’ve got my cross bike dialled now, brand new, no excuses for pulling out the MTB. I may try and track down a fancy costume or something special for a race or two!

BB: That's probably a good idea, because the prizes for fancy dress are way bigger than the prizes for actually winning. Going back to training for a bit... do you do any CX specific training? Any practicing running up stairs, or carrying your bike through mudpits, or rehearsing your beer handups?

LR: I do actually. The other day I ran to the shops, and carried the shopping above my head while running home. Practice for shouldering the bike! And I actually built some collapsible barriers that I’ve been taking down to the park once a week. I make a mini course to do reps. People look at me very strangely.

BB: So, who do you think will be the biggest threats to your title this year? You know, aside from (Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series Co-organizer) Nik Cee?

LR: Hah! Well I've heard on the grapevine that there'll be a few quick roadies out to claim some prizes. Hopefully there'll be plenty of mud and plenty of barriers to separate them. If the usual 5 or 6 frontrunners are there from last year I'll have to keep myself pretty fit!

BB: Last year we were surprised to find out that you weren't riding for a team, or a shop, or anyone other than yourself. Has this situation changed?

LR: Well my work (St Kilda Cycles) have certainly stepped up and sorted me out with a bike, some sweet tubular wheels and tubular tyres. That’s all at the moment, but its a nice casual way to be racing. I wouldn’t say no to anything more, but I’m happy promoting the shop for the moment.

BB: I figured I'd let you get a plug in there. That's about all we have time for, but before we go, is there anything else you want to say?

LR: Well seeing as you asked. I’m heading to Europe at the end of the year to do a few races. If there's any promoters who want to give me a start in a race I'd be stoked! I should also add thanks for putting on such an awesome series. Cyclocross will only grow from here, but you guys have well and truly set it off with your series last year. See you at the velodrome!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Here's Your Ticket.

If you're keen on rocking up to races at the last minute, hate queuing, or take pride in being more organized than everyone else, here's some news for you: Cyclocross Season Passes will be available at the Northern Combine ITT this weekend, and also at DISC on Tuesday night. Ask for Nath, he'll sort you out.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I Never Have And Never Will.

Like Klaus from Cycling Inquisition, we here at DDCXHQ have a troubled relationship with nationality. While we obviously love Cyclocross and its varied history, we are also of the opinion that the singular focus on the Belgian part of that history is limiting at best. Instead, we are interested in creating a Cyclocross that is truly our own, limited only by your imagination. So instead of thinking, "Oh, man, the Dirty Deeds Prologue is coming up, I better get me a cowbell!" You might think to yourself, "Oh, man, the Dirty Deeds Prologue is coming up. Most people are going to have cowbells, but instead of just a cowbell, why don't I bring a cowbell and a snare drum. Or a cowbell and a snare drum and the whole bloody drum kit! Or a cowbell and a snare drum and the whole bloody drum kit and an entire marching band!" And now you're really thinking something! Or maybe you could add a little bush-band flavour to proceedings and bring a lagerphone and a tea-chest bass. And instead of pretending to like chips and mayonnaise you could just invite your weird uncle who runs a hot jam donut van to swing by on that Friday night and the whole velodrome will smell like the MCG. The possibilities are endless.

This series is yours, and we depend on you to make it something awesome - and trust you not to make it something that it's not. Take it further than that.

Majesty Shredding

What are you doing this weekend?

It's probably not as much fun as this...

"The next CX Social bike ride & BBQ is on Saturday May 14 at Westfield Reserve, Fairfield (same place as last time). 

For those keen on getting some practice for the upcoming Dirty Deeds Cyclocross races ( http://dirtydeedscx.blogspot.com ) or you just want to meet new people and have a fun ride, then come on down.

The ride is now a bit earlier in the day so we can enjoy a bite to eat and a few drinks after the ride while the sun is still shining (unlike last time which was much later and got dark and cold rather fast after the ride).

We will once again be catering for cyclocross and trail riders from beginners to advanced. In fact, the fastest and slowest riders through designated sections of the ride will win free lunch and beverages for their efforts!

Anyone suspected of cheating by deliberately riding slower than they are known to will be sent to the local bottle shop to buy drinks for everyone else!

Saturday May 14
11AM - Meet & greet, warm up, skills practice
12NOON - Rides head out
2PM - Return to hot BBQ and fresh home brewed beverages

And just like last time we will have plenty of organic vegie patties as well as miscellaneous carnivorous food stuffs available for affordable prices at the BBQ.

BYO food & drinks and/or food to share is also welcome.

The BBQ will also feature the mini-but-mighty solar-powered Cyclic Sound System playing some fresh tunes for your afternoon. If you haven't heard it yet then you are in for a real treat. Did I mention it is powered by the sun?

The BBQ will stretch into the late afternoon and maybe into the night depending on the weather.

We are also able to mind any extra gear or changes of clothes you want to bring to the BBQ but not take on the ride so feel free to bring it along. Basic tools and a floor pump will also be available before hand

For more info contact Karl here

And in celebration of the fact the 'cross season is almost upon us here is a really good video (needs more mud though).

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I Always Come Back To You.

Hey, we've been receiving a few questions about the Kids races this year. To answer all these questions we made a Kids! page. You can reach it by clicking over there on the right.

That's When I Reach For My Revolver

Still trying to get some good base miles in your legs for Dirty Deeds, have a new 'cross bike you want to 'bed in'... just like riding new roads out of the city...?

Our rambling sibling Melbourne Gravel Grinders has announced their next adventure...

The last two have been massive successes, don't miss the next one!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sweet As A Love Note.

Excellent news from our Cycling Victoria Liason Officer: At any Dirty Deeds race this year you will be able to purchase a Cyclocross Season Pass for $50. This will cover your race licencing needs for all four Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross races and the Cycling Victoria Cyclocross Open. This has solved a major headache for us, and represents a total bargain for you. Now you have no excuse!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Swallow Your Pride.

Hi. How's it going? I know you're all in the midst of setting up your bikes for the four races coming your way, ogling 32mm tires and fancy carbon drop bars, so now's probably a good time for me to tell you this: at the Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series in 2011 you will be allowed to use disc brakes. I don't know about you, but I'm excited.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Blanket And A Habitat.

Dates announced! Sweet baby Jeebus, will you look at that flyer! There's so much radness there I want to snuggle up into it and fall asleep to infinity. Maps! Forest! World Champion stripes! And as if that's not enough, an elephant crushing a bike wheel. Tara Jayne, you've outdone yourself.