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Friday, 23 December 2011

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

One of the stars of Dirty Deeds CX for the past two years has been Lewis Rattray and now he is looking to use the 'cross skills honed in the mud of Melbourne's inner north to take on the world's best (literally).

He flies out today to 'the motherland' and has been offered a spot in the Heusden-Zolder World Cup on Boxing Day making him (to my knowledge) one of the first Aussies in a while to race that series.

From what I've been reading in newcomer Jeremy "sausage man" Durrin's blog it's some fast and furious racing no matter where you are in the pack, and on some crazy courses.

We here at DDCX wish him all the best as he bangs elbows with the best in the game in the muddy fields and hills of battle. Please high-five J-Pow! and bring us back some of these:

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Moon Pix

With proper cross weather now in full effect in the lowlands the photos and video emerging is amazing. There was some great muddy and technical racing over the weekend.

(courtesy CXMagazine)

The US season is on something of a hiatus after a great finale to the USGP series. Combating any threat of less excitement with the absence of Tre-Boom, old team-mates Powers and Johnson lit up the first race, and then Powers brought it home in a champion fashion for the second race. Sam MacGregor's sideburn inspiration, Geoff Kabush celebrated his new team with some great results. I'm hoping we will see more of his low-key demeanour and dry humour at races next year thanks to a new and arguably bigger program.

(courtesy PodiumInsight)

Crossing over between both cross continental families was the formerly troubled racer Ben Berden.

With one of his sponsors being the talented lensman Chris Milliman it's not surprising there has been some great visuals accumulating of his time in the US.

It looks like he took to racing in the US pretty well... and I suspect got on pretty well with his frame builder too.