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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Such Great Heights

Greetings Cyclocross Fun Lovers...


Here are some updates on, and friendly reminders about the upcoming OckerCross...
Racing will kick off at 1pm Saturday 23rd of January at Australia's spiritual home of cyclocross, Harrison Street Velodrome, and we'll be cutting the lights and packing down by 7pm, the order of events is as follows (still subject to a little change):

1:00 - Registration and course opens
2:00 - Graded racing opens - Order will be Kids, Men's CX C/Open, Women's CX B/Open, Men's CX B, Women's CX A, Men's CX A. And then repeated. Short races, high levels of fun.
4:30 - Weetbix Race
5:00 - Relay Race
5:30 - BCCDDCXSSCXWC - Single speedin'
6:10 -  Presentations
6:30 - Pack up

"Relay" you say? Think a cyclocross version of the Little 500, (side note, there better be a team dressed up as the Cutters,) with two person teams racing on the same bike, mandatory bike changes each lap. Unlike the Little 500, you have to have brakes.

Weetbix race - Think egg and spoon meets CX. Race a lap, get a couple of weetbix and race the next lap holding them (no jersey pockets!) without crushing it. Winner is the fastest rider with unbroken biscuits.

SSCX, yes SSCX! - Singlespeed drivetrain (tensioners, zip ties and SS kits ok), tyres < 40mm, fully rigid frame, flat/drop bars, 26"/700C ok.

A reminder that we will not be selling adult licences on the day... You can use a valid MTBA/CA licence (don't forget to renew your CA licence!) Or take advantage of the free 2month MTBA trial

We'd like to take a moment to remind you that whilst we highly encourage dressing up, whether you're racing or spectating, please put some thought and creativity into your costume. Take a leaf out of Ohio University's book and skip the cultural appropriation, and give any pre-made costumes with 'sexy' in the title a pass. (Unless of course it's 'sexy zombie pigeon'.) Use your imagination, get your DIY on, poke fun at someone famous and see if you can win our best costume award on the night. Silliness is a great start!