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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Milkcrate Mosh

Sometimes things just get lost in the mix and this is one of those cases...

Karl has been good enough to set this up and is keen to get out there, get dirty and share some skills, before sharing some food and drinks.

If I was in the country I'd be there... and you should think about it.

It's to be a monthly event and will be a great way to get some 'cross practice as the season approaches.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Reasons Not To Be An Idiot

A chance link in an email led to me finding this.

SIX races, and WEEKLY Skills Clinics?

I've since had a conversation with one of the organisers and if you can find your way over there (or live in the crow-eating state) it sounds like a good time.

I might even try and sort out a road trip over to fly the BCC flag again.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Moonpies For Misfits

We aren't normally in the habit of advertising bikes on here, but I'm making a special exception as both of the owners of these bikes are decent geezers and I think the bikes are worth looking at.

What's a deal to one person is "tell 'im he's dreaming" to another... but I'm sure each of these guys would be happy to have a discussion about the bike's pricing.

Do you like steel, interested in cyclocross?

This is the real deal and Stu has done a great job with the build. A proper race frame in a tough material with some excellent quality old-school components. Run it SS or with the current groupset.

The next is a great beginner cross bike/comuuter-cross.

It's got the following build:
Brown Surly cross check (56tt, 54 st)
Frame is is good condition, with the expected scratches that a cross bike would receive. No dents or dings.

It has a mix of Campag veloce and centaur ten speed. 
The rear mech. is mirage so its cheap to replace. 
Cranks are compact Centaur Ultra Torque, 34/50.

Wheels are true and both hubs are sealed. Rear is a DT Swiss rim laced to a 340 hub. Front is a Ritchey.

Brakes are avid shorty six's which he has been very happy with. Work great with no squeal.

Cluster, chain, rear mech and shifters are near new and have less than 500km on them.

More photos can be found here and the owner can be contacted via this site (or flickr). He is looking for ~$1000.

With the first Dirty Deeds fast approaching and time running out to order all those parts/find a frame/etc here are some bikes that have been built up well and with care.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

If You're Feeling Sinister

Hello Again!

Lots of stuff to reveal/discuss/update!

First of all we have had a date change. Our dashing chief commissaire NDF has been called into higher duty so we have had to move the first round ONE WEEK earlier.

It is now on Sunday, June 19th at Darebin Parklands.

We would also like to announce the Dirty Deeds Prologue! FRIDAY 3RD JUNE at a location to be announced shortly.

It will be a grass crit/flat track style race, with a couple of 'twists'. Match yourself against the clock and your mates on your 'cross bike or MTB under lights. It will be an excellent warmup and bike check a couple of weeks before the series kicks off.

Entry will be $5 and you will need a CA licence.

And in a massive piece of news CycleSport Victoria (the state governing body for cycle racing) has announced a Cyclocross Open. September 11 at Darebin Internation Sports Centre (aka DISC). You will definitely need a CA licence for this and we at DirtyDeeds HQ thoroughly encourage participation in this. It is a precursor to much larger cyclocross events both in the state and across the country. It is understanding that this race will be the debut of the official CSV Cyclocross rules (adapted from the UCI rules). Again this a big step as to our knowledge Cycling Australia does not have a proper set of rules for Cyclocross racing and this represents a chance to test a potential draft of them.

So to recap the above...
* Dirty Deeds Race #1 - now one week earlier - Sunday 19th June @ Darebin Parklands
* Dirty Deeds Prologue - Friday night, 3rd June, Location TBA, cost $5 (licence required)
* Cycle Sport Victoria Cyclocross Open - September 11th. More details when they appear

Ladies and Gentlemen - let's get muddy!