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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Negotiation Limerick File

What's that? A shiny medal for racing 'cross?


Yeah you do...

A final reminder that if you didn't manage to get hay in your drivetrain or mud on your skinsuit yesterday for the final round of WCCX, you have a chance to win eternal glory** in the 2nd Annual Victorian Cyclocross Championships this weekend.

Don't think you could win a medal but like making the RAD, then sign up anyway. The course includes a good chunk of a BMX track and should allow for the embracing of your inner kid, while riding your big kid bike.

Entries close on Wednesday and despite what the page says, it appears its actually $25 to enter.

Also I hear that the races may start earlier (if that's bothering you).

**eternal glory is code for a smile that'll take at least a few hours to disappear from your face, while you cough up your lungs from exertion. It also includes delighting in how amazingly colour-matched Spiro is when he races at the moment.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Everybody's got that rolling stones t-shirt, everybody thinks it looks so cool

SpookyCX is coming (November 2nd!), what better reason to celebrate than with a limited edition Cross Wizard t-shirt, or a simple DDCX logo shirt? Equally at home in the mud or under your pinstripe suit in the boardroom.

Purchase your goods here! Payment via PayPal only, sorry, it sucks for us too.

We don't want to hold stock at DDCXHQ, so this is a pre-order, shirts will be printed and available to pickup at SpookyCX, or posted to you all around the globe.

There will be a limited number of shirts available for purchase on the night and after the event, but we can't guarantee we'll have your size or design. Best to preorder and save missing out.

Big ups to Nick Saint Cloud for facilitating the printing, if you need small run screen printing, hit him up!

The BIGGEST of thanks to Sime, aka Count Rackula, for producing another rad piece of art for us, see him at SpookyCX and give him the highest of fives.

Image: Jo Upton


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Been A Son

Think Cx season is done after the the action packed Natz/NCXS weekend?

Think again!

Don't forget the Victorian CX State Champs on October 5th. The listed race times are tentative as the organisers are in discussion with the site about running it as a dusk/night race. The course features some innovative use of the BMX track as well as the surrounds. The BMX Club is really excited about helping make this a great event.

There is also the final round of the Whittlesea Syca-Cross series on September 29th

It also appears we need to announce the date for SPOOKYCX!

November 2nd - Save the Date
Afternoon/Early Evening racing with costumes, shenanigans and the Brunswick Cycling Club CX Championship to be awarded on the night.

Those people who attended last year will attest to the good times that were had in closing out the Victorian CX season.

More info to follow on this as the DDCX Wizards and Witches conjure their spells on the event.

PS: This announcement should make any keen CX fan pretty happy! "Who's #1" features the best handwaving and CX commentary around. As J-Pow would say "Get Familiar!"