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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Everybody's got that rolling stones t-shirt, everybody thinks it looks so cool

SpookyCX is coming (November 2nd!), what better reason to celebrate than with a limited edition Cross Wizard t-shirt, or a simple DDCX logo shirt? Equally at home in the mud or under your pinstripe suit in the boardroom.

Purchase your goods here! Payment via PayPal only, sorry, it sucks for us too.

We don't want to hold stock at DDCXHQ, so this is a pre-order, shirts will be printed and available to pickup at SpookyCX, or posted to you all around the globe.

There will be a limited number of shirts available for purchase on the night and after the event, but we can't guarantee we'll have your size or design. Best to preorder and save missing out.

Big ups to Nick Saint Cloud for facilitating the printing, if you need small run screen printing, hit him up!

The BIGGEST of thanks to Sime, aka Count Rackula, for producing another rad piece of art for us, see him at SpookyCX and give him the highest of fives.

Image: Jo Upton


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