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To ride the Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series you need to have a Race License. This way you are covered by our insurance, and so are we.

There are five twelfty different kinds of licence, and we'll give you the pros and cons of each here:

1. Full license - CA / MTBA

This is what we recommend. Not only does it allow you to ride all our races, but also all the CX races that Cycling Victoria are running in this year,  and you can also ride any road race, criterium, track race or cyclocross race anywhere in Australia for the rest of the year (assuming MTBA don't make it confusing again). You have to purchase a full license through Cycling Victoria and can do so here.

There are three drawbacks to purchasing a full license. The first is that upfront it's kinda expensive. It is better value for money the more you race, but the initial hip pocket pain is acute - from $200 for an under 19 to $360 for an Elite, depending on the club you join. The second is that you have to join a club. This isn't always a drawback, because with club membership can come a nice sense of community, but every club has its bad points. Except Brunswick. And thirdly, license categories are based on age, so you have to tell everyone how old you are.

THIS YEAR WE WILL ALSO BE ACCEPTING MTBA FULL LICENCES! The joy! The rapture (and also a lack of complaints from our dirtier brethren)!

BMXA licences are no longer accepted. Take it up with BMXA.

1a. UCI Licence
Are you PRO AS F&*K? Are you from out of this country and have a sometime rep for racing CX in Belgium? Do you have a UCI international licence? Then that's cool. Just watch out for Nikcee trying to steal some of your euro-pro-sheen.

2. CA 3 Ride Licence.
You can but a 3-Ride licence from CA here for $51.20. This will cover you for the first two Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross races and one other Cycling Victoria race. This could be a Track, Road or CX race, of course we highly recommend using that space slot to partake in one of the other CX races happening around the state (but be aware you can only race in the open category at a State Series race on this).

3. KIDZ licence
These are FREE bucks. Unfortunately you have to be under 11 to get one. Other kids (u13 - u19) are subject to a sliding scale based on age, but it's still way cheaper than for grownups. You will need to see the CA licensing links above for this.