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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Wishful Puppeteer!

Photo courtesy of #SVENNESS/VanDerHoleshot inventor CXHairs.com

Oh wow... it's been a while!

Don't think the crazy crew behind DDCX have been napping though. We've been distracted by various elements of the following:

  • Altitude training
  • Hill climb races
  • Building beardo-esque bike trailers for lugging bikes to races
  • New kittens
  • Dance moves to youtube videos
  • Shimergo
  • mini-vees
  • B Grade criterium domination
  • Writing books about other sports
  • Beard farming
  • Learning not to crash MTBs (usually at max heart rate)
  • Comparing the various iced coffees on offer in Melbourne cafes

Outside of this busy off-season schedule some of us found time to spend a reasonably unhealthy amount of time staring at mud-covered racers accompanied by a soundtrack of excited flemish/dutch commentators (ai ai ai!)

Photo courtesy of #SVENNESS/VanDerHoleshot inventor CXHairs.com

It was a great season for watching cross and there have been some amazing races, culminating in what was an excellent World Championships. There's lot of footage out there between youtube and the various sporza recaps, get on it if you haven't been keeping up.

A personal highlight - Vos looking like it was her first world championship. Photo courtesy CTips.

We have also been holed up in our secret DDCX treehouse planning this year's series. Dates are slowly tacking up like a good CX course and those should be publicised shortly (along with this year's National CX Series dates I believe!)

What we can tell you is that there will be a prologue and two races, and that one of the courses is brand new for this year.

While you wait for this, start planning for what is a great tune-up for the season both in terms of fitness and equipment. This year's instalment of the 'Dirty Gran Fondo' on Sunday 19th May out at Wandong. 3 lengths so you can choose to ease in or go big.

Various DDCX organisers will be out there racing/riding so don't be afraid to say Hi! (or Bye! in the case of CrossBoss Jeremy)