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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The drones all slave away, they're working overtime

You can add 'drone' to the list of things I didn't see at the race.

Thanks Cam!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party...

As the DDCX posse returns slowly to normal life (plus Blakey tries not to get blown out to sea down at Port Campbell) and we collate the humongous amount of social media created on Sunday we have the entertaining (and brightly helmeted) P.Oliver's review of the non-Elite races over at Australian CX mag to tide you over.

Photo credit: Fame&Spear

Once again thanks to everyone who volunteered, raced, cheered, heckled or got us another rain-free race day. It's no small thing putting these races on, but it's very worth it when we see the so many people show up (and amazingly often smile or say nice things afterwards).

Photo credit: Fame&Spear

Monday, 23 June 2014

Friday, 20 June 2014

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Disclosure: Two Wheel Tours is a sponsor of Dirty Deeds CX. Whilst they don't pay us, they do pay for some of the prize purses that you jerks win.

If you're reading this blog, you probably like cyclocross (or cyclo-cross if you're the UCI). Which means you wouldn't dare take a holiday during our winter as you'd miss out on all the sweet racing that's going on right now. So what to do with all that annual leave in the oppressive heat of summer?



There's ridin', racin', rubbin' shoulders with CX royalty and all the frites you can stand. For all the mayo covered details, head on over to the TWT site where it's laid out day by day. They also run a whole lot of other tours, road, MTB, and my favourite, the Haute Route, in case getting beer spilled on your muddy shoes by drunken Team Nys fans isn't your bag.

Plastic Bertrand would.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Uptown Ranking

Do you like free stuff? So do we. So much so that we're giving volunteers a whole bunch of schwag for putting their hands up to help out on the day.

Wanna get some schwag? email ddcx.volunteers@gmail.com   with your name, email, mobile number, and preference for job. Make sure you also let us know if you're racing or not.


***product may not actually be cake

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Working In A Coalmine

Here at the various DDCX HQs we are putting the plans together for another banger of an event, but we need to get some pertinent info out.

First up: SPOOKYCX is now November 8th, not November 1st. So your CupDay weekend plans won't be foiled again. Wow, June to November, what a long time between CX races. If only there were more races in Melbourne during winter.

Second up: All pertinent information for DDCX Round #2 can be found here. This page will get updated as things develop / change.

We should remind you that DDCX Round 2 is also Round 2 of the 'big dance' aka the National Cyclocross Series (aka NCXS).

What does this mean? Well apart from being your chance to watch the country's best CX racers rail around the undulating surrounds of Darebin Parklands it also comes with some special conditions.

If you want to race CX A Grade (Mens or Womens) you need to enter -->here<--. Entries for this close midnight 15th June. Yes, that's a week before the race. Don't forget.

If you want to race CX B (Mens or Womens) or CX C Grade (Mens) or Open (Mens or Womens) pre-reg will open this Friday is open. Keep an eye on social media for when Blakey lowers the online drawbridge.
Support races (B/C/Open/Kids pre-reg

If you are racing A Grade/Elite and purchased a DDCX Season Entry (you know, the $80 one with the sick teeshirt), please let registration know on the day and we will refund you $20 via paypal, or, you can race elites and B/C! It's a bit convoluted but unfortunately that's the way it has to be with two disparate entry systems!

If you have a DDCX Season Licence (The $60 green cardboard thing with the red stamp), you cannot race elites. You can race B/C though. Elites require a full CA Gold or MTBA licence. You can however, use it for the Victorian State CX Championships (but not the elite races), which are on at Cranwell Park Saturday June 21.

For those that weren't present at the event last year, all I can do is share some of the shots!