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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Teenage Exorcists

Location! Location! Location!

Well, we have a location for our next round on July 19th!

You will be racing here...
Which is here

Some of you will remember it from a number of years ago when we held a race there. Looking back at that race report I'm reminded how things have changed (Warrack Leach had his first A grade race and AJ and Amity didn't have a CX bike).

We will have entries open very soon and will provide the world with more information on where to park, where to sign on and a few other surprises!

In the mean time, if you want to get your legs warmed up or follow up on the fun you had at Cramwell Park last week you should consider a road trip up to the nation's capital for the next two rounds of NCXS. Entries and more details are here

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Stiff Necked Fools

Allo Allo,

It was pointed out to me in a conversation this week that we hadn't posted anything after Round One... Chalk it up to a hectic double header race weekend followed by all the organising team being spread around the state/country in the coming weeks.

Anyways... here's some great shots and videos from kind spectators. Think of it as an acid flashback to another great day of racing and cheering on lycra clad fools.

Video Evidence of the day...

Some great shots
Shaun T
Tim Renowden
Matthew Townsend

And of course don't forget the coming weekend the 'circus' comes to town with the arrival of the Vic leg of the National Cyclocross Series (NCXS). It's being run by Sunbury/Fields Of Joy at Cramwell Park. There's a lot of information here and more on their facebook page. Read it, enter, volunteer, tune in, get rad. 

Our next round is July 19th, more info on that to come when this upcoming storm of CX awesome passes Melbourne.