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Saturday, 30 June 2012

National Series Round - Just the facts ma'am

In two weeks the first Australian National Cyclcross kicks off with two races in Melbourne! Here's a primer on what's what. If you have questions, leave a comment or email us.

I'm sure you're aware that you were able to enter the entire series here. But are you aware that individual races in all states are now open? At last check, 49 men and 9 women had already signed up for the entire series and there are an additional 11 riders signed up for race #1 (Cross Melburn) and 14 for race #2 (Dirty Deeds). There is a field limit of 100, but, here's the rub, entry for A grade closes on the Sunday prior to the race (8th July). So, if you plan to race A-Grade men's or women's at CM or DDCX in two weeks, you need to sign up here in the next 7 days.

Race #1, on Saturday, is the first round of the 2012 Specialized Cross Melburn series, if you don't plan to race A grade, you can register here for B grade / kids / open classes.

Race #2, on Sunday is the first round of Dirty Deeds 2012. We don't have online preregistration for B/Open/Kids, but if you're coming from a) interstate or b) ~3 hour drive from Melbourne, then email us with your name, location, CA/MTBA licence number and desired category and we'll make sure the trip wasn't in vain. I know traffic can be tough, but St. Kilda isn't 3 hours away, sorry.

On licencing: To race in any national series (A-Grade) rounds, you need a full CA/MTBA licence. Three ride permits / Season passes / Day permits are not valid. At other DDCX rounds the permits are fine for A-Grade, but not on July 15th. You can upgrade a DDCX Season Pass to a CA 'Gold' licence (minus the cost of the permit), or you can race B/Open. Kids aren't eligible for the national series either, unless they're J19.

If you don't have a Season Pass yet, we will have some for sale on the day, they will cost you $50. There are no day licences and no 3-ride permits.

On registration: It will open at 10:30am, A-Graders will be able to collect their number upon receipt of a valid licence. All other racers will need a CA/MTBA/BMXA/temporary licence and entry money. As in previous rounds, the fields will fill up, so don't think you can show up at 15:15and get a ride.

On accommodation: A while back we posted about billeting and bad coffee. Now that the races are fast approaching you might be thinking about where you're going to stay, or how that spare bed/couch is looking unloved. So, if you need somewhere to stay or have somewhere for someone to stay, email us and give us the details and we'll see what we can do.


We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)

SKCC members and fellow CX tragics Paddy & Diane took advantage of a weekend in Sydney that coincided with a Manly Warringah cyclocross race to pack their bikes and fly the Melbourne flag in NSW and possibly sneak in a recon before the national series round.

Words by Paddy, grab a cuppa and settle in.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rapha SuperCross and DDCX

Don't know if it could be heard above the noise last Friday but Rapha and Dirty Deeds Cyclocross are proud to announce Rapha SuperCross is coming to Melbourne on Sunday the 26th of August.

Round Two of the 2012 Dirty Deeds series will be the inaugural Rapha SuperCross event, to be held at the Harrison Street Velodrome in Brunswick. 

We're hoping SuperCross will take cyclocross to the next level in Australia and the partnering of Rapha and the Dirty Deeds folk will make sure this is going to be big. In fact, we want it to be the premiere cyclocross event in Australia this year.

There's some massive stuff planned and we'll be making more announcements as we get closer, but suffice to say there'll be heaps of prizes and a course the likes of which we've never done before.

Have a look at some other Rapha SuperCross events to get an idea. 

The Prologue- it's all because of you

Dirty Deeds CX '12 - Prologue
pic courtesy Andy Rogers

The biggest crowd for a cyclocross event in Australia hit the Brunswick Cycling Club's Velodrome on Friday night for the prologue of Dirty Deeds 2012. 

So much for the thought at 5.30 "what if no one comes?"

We sold out early which was a bummer for some including those who'd travelled from afar.

The build up for this season has been pretty big and from the look of some of the bikes on display things are getting serious. 

Once again the cyclocross gods were kind and we had rain during the week and fine weather on race day.

We were also relieved Mr New Timer Brendan Bailey was there to take up commentating duties, despite his insistence swilling vinegar was good for the the throat. Things wouldn't be the same without him so we're thankful he's back in 2012.

Dirty Deeds CX '12 - Prologue
pic courtesy Andy Rogers

Everyone got two heats which involved two laps of the course per heat. The prologue is run within the confines of the velodrome so Nik had to do his devious best with limited space. Luckily he was able to include a stomach churning 'Spiral of Death' in one section which even tested the skills of the likes of Lewis Rattray.

The circle of death
pic courtesy Baudman
The Spiral of Death

Two laps? some scoffed... the same braggadocio wasn't on display after the first heat. 

First up was the kids race and when we say kids the spread was from two to 15. The biggest raps from the 500+ strong crowd circling the velodrome came for the youngest competitors as they negotiated the mud with what seemed like ease. They were the lucky ones as the mud began to stick as each round progressed.

Co-commentator and committee type Hamish noted that this was the first race in which we've seen a pink cape deployed as part of race strategy/ bling. This prompted discussion over whether or not capes would provide the extra edge some needed. The soundness of this theory was tested later.

Cape ftw
pic courtesy Baudman
Capes are faster 

Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by.

The open race is when the crowd and racers started to really get going. A notable absence was our regular unicyclist but we're hopeful Matt Thomas is going to be back showing off his superior balance skills come round one on the 15th of July at Darebin Parklands. Matt did however win his second heat on the CX class proving two wheels pose no problems.

Jarad Kohlar and Steve Duggan won heats one and two. Steve, started the race in full cape and beard in homage to the wizard staff teams in the crowd. In fact some DDCX regulars opted to forgo racing in favour of linear can construction. Why? We still don't know.

pic courtesy Brian Mangano
Steve Duggan passes, giving his sign

For more pics see our friend Brian Mangano's site

Women's Cyclocross is here to stay

The proudest moment for DDCX was our first women's race. We've been aiming for this for a while and through no small effort on behalf of committee peeps, Nik Cee, Blakey and especially Kate Lansell, we managed to draw a strong field that was dominated by Mel Ansett.

Ready for another heat -pic courtesy Baudman

pic courtesy Baudman
Women's podium 

The men's cross category was split into three races with 30 riders in each.

It was excellent to see Lewis Rattray back, winning on his home turf again. For those who don't know, Lewis represented Australia in the European CX season this year and did us proud. He started his second heat a lap down and still managed to overtake a couple of riders. Will he dominate again this year?

We're pleased to say the trash talk was kept to a minimum by chief commisaire Dave Morgan, but pro peleton inspired head butts and elbows slipped through. 

This is what it looked like thanks to Mikkeli Godfree from Enduro magazine whose go-pro managed to stay the course.

Gimme some love!
pic courtesy Baudman
DDCX stalwart Leigh De Luca made up for binning it in heat 1 by taking out his second heat handicap and brought/gave the love.

Dirty Deeds wouldn't be what it is without the people who come to watch and race (all 143 of you).

The crowd surprised us all and the stage is set for our biggest CX series yet.

Thanks to the sponsors (listed right), Brunswick Cycling Club and most importantly, everyone who came to watch and race, not to mention those who stayed to pack and clean up.

The Results

Dirty Deeds Prologue Friday 15th June 2012
Race 1 - 2 lap scratch Race 2 - 2 lap handicap
Name                         Bib# Name                 Bib #
1) Riley Terrens 192 Bella Soccio         201
2) Stefan Northby 197 Mae Chechowski 190
3) Nathan Northby 198 Nels Chechowski 191
   Name Bib #         Name Bib #
1)  Jarad Kohlar 68         Steve Duggan 55
2) Llewellyn Thomas 86 Jarad Kohlar 68
3) Mitchell Allen 80 Mitchell Allen 80
Name Bib #             Name Bib #
1)  Mel Ansett 58    Mel Ansett                 58
2) Claire Michel 295    Erica Gurner         290
3) Erica Gurner 290   Rebecca Domange 289
Name Bib #                  Name Bib #
1)  Adrian Jackson 142  Leigh DeLuca 136
2) Paul Redenback 125  Paul Redenback 125
3) Gary Wearmouth 50  Adrian Jackson 142
Name Bib #                   Name Bib #
1)  Lewis Rattray 161 Russell Collet 163
2) Russell Collet 163 Luke Powell 179
3) Dyon Balding 171 John Chechowski 170
Name Bib #                 Name Bib #
1)  Simon Flower 30 Mathew Thomas 32
2) Mathew Gray  29 Benzy Dowling 51
3) Matt Ligternoot 26 Chris Mason         48
Some of the major prizes on the night went to...
DFL Womens Bec Williamson Larrys Custom Cycles frame
Crash on finish line Matthew Sutherland Larrys Custom Cycles frame
Steppin' it up Liam Jeffries CycleOps Trainer

The Race Is On

Further to the national series, round one is also the first round of Full Gas Promotions' 2012 Cross Melburn series. It's not just for A graders, there will be B grade, womens, juniors and open mens/womens/juniors classes.

They've branched out this year, and races are being held at a gokart track, the Lysty pump track and Nortons Park. Variety is the spice of CX, so get out and race or heckle.

All the info you need is here: http://fullgaspromotions.com.au/20110723211/News/specialized-cross-melburn

Saturday, 16 June 2012

2012 National Cyclocross Series - Entries open

That's right, Australia's first national series kicks off in just under a month.

Six races, two per state:

Race # 1 Saturday 14 July - Cross Melburn, VIC
Race # 2 Sunday 15 July - Dirty Deeds, VIC
Race # 3 Saturday 11 August - Port Adelaide CC, SA
Race # 4 Sunday 12 August - Port Adelaide CC, SA
Race # 5 Saturday 29 September - Manly Warringah CC, NSW
Race # 6 Sunday 30 September - Manly Warringah CC, NSW

Enter the series now and pay only $100, otherwise it's $25 per race. The field limit is 100 riders in both mens and womens. A full licence (BMXA/MTBA/CA) is required, J19/Elite/Masters all ok. *

Come Wednesday you'll be able to enter individual races, but priority is given to those racing the entire series. *

* This applies to the national race only. All clubs will also be running support races (eg Open / B Grade / Kids) on the day which will allow full licences or temporary permits

DDCX HQ have got their registrations sorted, see you on the course!

Enter here: http://www.cycling.org.au/?ID=46779

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sleep with no bad dreams

The national cyclocross series is fast approaching, you've booked annual leave (or have sick days planned) and bought bike racks for your Honda civic and cashed in your frequent flyer points, but where will you stay? Why not billet with a fellow bike nerd who can help with last minute mechanicals, and most importantly, show you where the good coffee is.
If you have a bed or couch that you'd be willing to offer up to an interstate cross junkie, or are in need of a place to stay, let us know and we'll start putting people in touch.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Planet Telex

A few more blips on the DDCX news monitor to report as we hurtle towards the beginning of the good times (aka the start of the 2012 DDCX series)!

Good friends, nice guys and perennial DDCX caffienators and supporters Coffee Supreme are hosting another swap meet with Fyxomatosis (also a good guy, DDCX supporter, but less frequent caffienator). It's the morning after the prologue so if you happen to break something on your bike the night before (Cx came be hard on a bike as well as the body) you can head on down and hopefully find a replacement.

The good news is that Blakey will likely be quite tired from racing and organising the night before you might have a chance at some bargains (if for some reason you want 6spd suntour freewheels, 650B rims or italian gentlemen's street bars).

My experience of these swaps is that there is always a few things that you walk away with that you didn't plan to, the coffee is outstanding and there's always some good bike eye candy to check out (often ridiculous, sometimes lust-worthy).

Also coming up is the new issue of Treadlie who have an article on Cyclocross by one of the voices of DDCX and Emerging Writer, Mr Brendan Bailey (he is the one with self-described 'dodgy tattoos').

It's out this Friday from newsagents that still sell magazines, bike shops and I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say there will be copies available at the prologue. Look for the cover below. Faith who is our contact there has a son who I'm suggesting will be coming for Lewis (in about 10 years).

The final point (and thank you for reading so far) is we would like to extend an invite for volunteers for the prologue. If you can make it early or hang around at the end to help with set-up/tear-down, or can spare some time on the registration/results desk we would love to hear from you via email or here.

Friday, 1 June 2012

In This Shirt

Following on from the spy shots posted earlier, the Creux DDCX shirts in both men's and women's cut are now available to purchase online, if you just can't wait until the prologue.

What are you waiting for? SWOOP!

Title & Registration

If you have a CA / MTBA / BMXA licence already, you can go back to
watching YouTube videos of cats, as this doesn't affect you.

The increasingly inaccurately named 3-Ride permits for DDCX 2012 are now available.