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Friday, 1 June 2012

Title & Registration

If you have a CA / MTBA / BMXA licence already, you can go back to
watching YouTube videos of cats, as this doesn't affect you.

The increasingly inaccurately named 3-Ride permits for DDCX 2012 are now available.

This Season Pass will allow you to race the Prologue, Round 1 [*], Round 2 & the State Championships. The pass is $50, and you will still have to pay race entry fees of course.

The permit can only be used for the races listed above, but if you get a taste for racing, the cost of the Season Pass will be deducted from your full CA licence fee.

We will not be offering regular 3-Ride permits or day licences this year, as at $55 and $40, it just isn't cost effective for you.

The Kidz licences will also be available, these cost $10, are valid for a year of any kind of bike racing, but you do have to be 11 or under.

If you wish to prepurchase your Season Pass or Kidz licence, come down to DISC (281 Darebin Road, Thornbury, VIC 3071) between 7-9pm Tuesday 5th June or Harrison Street Velodrome (Harrison St, East Brunswick) between 6-8pm Thursday 7th June and ask for Blakey.

[*] Temporary permits (Season Pass, Day Licence, 3-Ride permit) are not valid for the Elite class at the National Series round, so if you have this permit you will have to race B-Grade or Open class on the day.

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