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Saturday, 30 June 2012

National Series Round - Just the facts ma'am

In two weeks the first Australian National Cyclcross kicks off with two races in Melbourne! Here's a primer on what's what. If you have questions, leave a comment or email us.

I'm sure you're aware that you were able to enter the entire series here. But are you aware that individual races in all states are now open? At last check, 49 men and 9 women had already signed up for the entire series and there are an additional 11 riders signed up for race #1 (Cross Melburn) and 14 for race #2 (Dirty Deeds). There is a field limit of 100, but, here's the rub, entry for A grade closes on the Sunday prior to the race (8th July). So, if you plan to race A-Grade men's or women's at CM or DDCX in two weeks, you need to sign up here in the next 7 days.

Race #1, on Saturday, is the first round of the 2012 Specialized Cross Melburn series, if you don't plan to race A grade, you can register here for B grade / kids / open classes.

Race #2, on Sunday is the first round of Dirty Deeds 2012. We don't have online preregistration for B/Open/Kids, but if you're coming from a) interstate or b) ~3 hour drive from Melbourne, then email us with your name, location, CA/MTBA licence number and desired category and we'll make sure the trip wasn't in vain. I know traffic can be tough, but St. Kilda isn't 3 hours away, sorry.

On licencing: To race in any national series (A-Grade) rounds, you need a full CA/MTBA licence. Three ride permits / Season passes / Day permits are not valid. At other DDCX rounds the permits are fine for A-Grade, but not on July 15th. You can upgrade a DDCX Season Pass to a CA 'Gold' licence (minus the cost of the permit), or you can race B/Open. Kids aren't eligible for the national series either, unless they're J19.

If you don't have a Season Pass yet, we will have some for sale on the day, they will cost you $50. There are no day licences and no 3-ride permits.

On registration: It will open at 10:30am, A-Graders will be able to collect their number upon receipt of a valid licence. All other racers will need a CA/MTBA/BMXA/temporary licence and entry money. As in previous rounds, the fields will fill up, so don't think you can show up at 15:15and get a ride.

On accommodation: A while back we posted about billeting and bad coffee. Now that the races are fast approaching you might be thinking about where you're going to stay, or how that spare bed/couch is looking unloved. So, if you need somewhere to stay or have somewhere for someone to stay, email us and give us the details and we'll see what we can do.


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