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Prize Categories.

We give away prizes at our whim and can be very whimsical. Some of the biggest prizes (ie. new bikes!) will go to the silliest categories. You don't have to be fast to win something at Dirty Deeds. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories, and to anyone else we think is worthy on the day.

Men's CX A / B  Podium
Women's CX A Podium (or A & B if we have as many racers as come to the skills sessions)
Men's C  Podium
Men's Open Podium
Women's Open Podium
Kid's Boys Podium
Kid's Girls Podium
Balance bikes Podium

Other frequently awarded prizes
Best Crash
Best Attitude
Best (Worst?) Outfit
Most Inappropriate Bike
Oldest (in lieu of a Master's Category)

So many options! How could you possibly leave empty handed? If you don't feel fast, roll around in the mud and go for the Muddiest. If you feel dainty, aim to stay clean and score the Cleanest award. However you're feeling, Dirty Deeds is keen to reward you.