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Monday, 31 January 2011

Goodbye Sweet Dreams

EDIT: This has now been postponed due to scheduling conflicts with other cycling events.

Has it almost been a year? Wow...

Photo courtesy: Warby Cycle Fest

Last year I went out and slipped and slid around the outskirts of Warburton at the inaugural Warby CX race. I had an amazing time even if I did manage to turn a front row call-up into a last place position leaving the opening straight. The course was extremely creative and very very fun (river crossing and chook-pen dodging plus a leg destroying hill climb were some of the many features).

We had a great time heckling and participating in the multitude of other events.

Well it's back again...  March 26th and 27th, 2011.

Pretty sure the Dirty Deeds crew will be out there, come up and say hi!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stormy High

It would be bereft of me not to comment on the devastation displayed during the CX world champs held over the weekend.

While it wasn't the exact result I was hoping for, I can't complain about the winners and the races they had.

If you have palmares like these you are going to be hard to beat on anything with two wheels and by not relying on your proven sprint kick you only make the victory even more classy. KFC had been the best womens rider I had seen all season until then.

[I'm still looking for video for the womens race - a full report with photos can be found here, but the footage of Vos gapping Compton and Nash was awesome]

If the most famous (and storied) classics team think you are good enough to offer you more than half a million euros to come and target the cobbled classics in their backyard, as well as keep your focus on 'cross and the 2012 Olympics then it's likely you are of a decent quality. I'd have liked to have seen how he went compared to Lars Boom who I think would have done well in the conditions. You only have to look at how fast he is going on the course relative to some of the best riders out there to see how dominant 'Styby' was.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Be Ready!

So, while we're gearing up for cx season here at ddcxhq, we're not the only ones. We can't say much at this early stage, but rest assured there's going to be a lot of racing this year. Exciting, no?

Yes, it is exciting. But let me bore you with some details momentarily. At last year's dirty deeds you needed a cycling Australia licence to race. Some of you already had licences, but most of you bought 3-ride permits. You'll be able to do the same again this year, of course, but that only covers you for our races.

So what should you do? You should buy a CA licence. Once you have one you can race all the cx, road, track and crits (Crits? Did someone say perfect cx training?) that you want! Sure, it's a little expensive, but the more you race, the mire value you get. So get on it!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Earth Is A Cold Dead Place

This is good... and to be honest with all the rain we are getting it feels a little like 'cross season is approaching.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ex-Lion Tamer

Greetings All,

Long time no post...

But things are slowly starting to rumble in the DirtyDeedsCX compound and amidst the increasing roar of an oncoming road season (or another drugs/contract scandal) we would like to announce the schedule for this year's Dirty Deeds Calendar.

The Skinny: 3 rounds, 4th Sunday of the month (sorta), starting June.


  • 26th June
  • 24th July
  • 21st August
Venues to be confirmed, but current plans have us using a mix of old and new locations within a 30min ride from the CBD. One in particular has us quite excited about the possibilities on offer.

There will also be a series of 'training' rides set up closer to the first race (potentially mid-April) so we can all start to shake off the rust of the summer/road/track riding and get used to getting muddy and suffering/stumbling with the bike on our shoulder. It will also be a bit of a 'skill-share' for those with off-road backgrounds and those who have spent too much time replicating grainy youtube videos.

There is also a possibility of a 'cross bike building bee for those who are wanting to put together a bike for the series and aren't sure of what might be required, or need some motivation to make it happen.