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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ex-Lion Tamer

Greetings All,

Long time no post...

But things are slowly starting to rumble in the DirtyDeedsCX compound and amidst the increasing roar of an oncoming road season (or another drugs/contract scandal) we would like to announce the schedule for this year's Dirty Deeds Calendar.

The Skinny: 3 rounds, 4th Sunday of the month (sorta), starting June.


  • 26th June
  • 24th July
  • 21st August
Venues to be confirmed, but current plans have us using a mix of old and new locations within a 30min ride from the CBD. One in particular has us quite excited about the possibilities on offer.

There will also be a series of 'training' rides set up closer to the first race (potentially mid-April) so we can all start to shake off the rust of the summer/road/track riding and get used to getting muddy and suffering/stumbling with the bike on our shoulder. It will also be a bit of a 'skill-share' for those with off-road backgrounds and those who have spent too much time replicating grainy youtube videos.

There is also a possibility of a 'cross bike building bee for those who are wanting to put together a bike for the series and aren't sure of what might be required, or need some motivation to make it happen.


  1. Awesome!
    Am looking forward to riding all three races this year.

  2. Well done guys, Look forward to hopefully coming down to ride a few events.

  3. great stuff guys,looking forward to coming down,

    still hope to pull off the Wangaratta event for you,
    and then throw it in between your dates..

    big suggestion are you up for it???/

    got to take cross a bit further..

    sooooo what about a fully sanctioned national championship[all categories] to be held in Melbourne in 2012?? and see if we can get Sid Taberlay and Mario ,even Dan Mconnel..whoever else to get involved..
    I think it would be the start of something as big as the TDO

  4. Norm,

    Big things are already in the works down here. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Brendan / ddcx

  5. Nice one. I am also planning some group training rides in the lead up to the season. Was planning a BBQ and beers to follow. Want to catch up for a ride and/or beer to discuss combining them or at least not clashing the dates?

  6. K-Rall,

    I'd love to catch up for a ride or beer to discuss. Heck, I love talking about cross any time.

    email me on nikcee AT gmail and we can talk some more.

  7. i,m hearing that bongos are going to be massive this year,magic really does happen!!

  8. Plese can you post this one in the appropriate place..looks like fun ..I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT IT LAST YEAR,BUT FULLY INTEND TO GO THIS TIME



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