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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I Don't Always Know What You Are Saying

Up until a week ago you could almost be sure it was still 'cross season with the weather we had been having here in Melbourne. 

A trip out on the trails on Christmas Eve had us riding through moonscapes of thick brake-clogging mud, navigating fallen trees and playing guess-the-puddle depth while getting some good work done on our tanlines.

As much as I love the mud it was a bit hectic at times... and I began to long for some fast dry trails to 'roop' around on.

But really it wasn't as hectic as the recent US 'Cross Nats and I'm going to assure you this is the last batch of shots I'll post from it.

In other more local (and more interesting news) I can announce that Dirty Deeds now has something of a cousin/uncle in the form of a new schedule/series of rides. Based on a style of ride that is becoming popular (again, some might say) called the 'gravel grinder' it is better explained here.

With some eager and experienced riders behind it, it promises to provide some fun and challenging days in the saddle through terrain that may not be familiar to you (and if it is, all the better as they'd love your input on how we can adjust and improve in the future).

The first event is on Feb 6th and is ~80kms of mainly gravel with some asphalt in there. Details can be found on the site (and will continue to appear in the coming weeks).

For those of you wanting an excuse to build up your cross bike, or get some time out on the bike off-road this will be a great time and is a very grass-roots event.

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