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Monday, 5 September 2016

Journey To The End Of The East Bay

As now broadcast on other channels the following has happened...


Yes, it's true. DDCX is cancelled this weekend.

The short story is that the club track work isn't done and we can't race at Harrison St.

The longer story involves council bureaucracy and a lack of communication which lead to the panic alarms being fired up at DDCX HQ on Friday of last week. On Saturday we thought we had a solution, today it appears we don't. We've exhausted a number of alternatives, but with less than a week before the event and a reputation based on seven years of good racing and great times we don't want to tarnish the spiritual home of Victorian CX with something undeserving.

We will still be running an event as part of SSWC and after that we will look at how we can try and prove we still have skillz to create CX thrillz.

For everyone who has already entered, you will get refunded ASAP.
Believe us this decision was not taken lightly... it hurts us a lot to finish our local CX season like this when this year has seen such a phenomenal growth in racers and race quality.

So if you were planning to get some last minute racing done before heading over to crush euro souls at the US CX World Cups we sincerely apologise...