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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Negotiation Limerick File

What's that? A shiny medal for racing 'cross?


Yeah you do...

A final reminder that if you didn't manage to get hay in your drivetrain or mud on your skinsuit yesterday for the final round of WCCX, you have a chance to win eternal glory** in the 2nd Annual Victorian Cyclocross Championships this weekend.

Don't think you could win a medal but like making the RAD, then sign up anyway. The course includes a good chunk of a BMX track and should allow for the embracing of your inner kid, while riding your big kid bike.

Entries close on Wednesday and despite what the page says, it appears its actually $25 to enter.

Also I hear that the races may start earlier (if that's bothering you).

**eternal glory is code for a smile that'll take at least a few hours to disappear from your face, while you cough up your lungs from exertion. It also includes delighting in how amazingly colour-matched Spiro is when he races at the moment.

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