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Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Working Title In Green

<Carefully blows the dust off this blog>
Welcome All,

I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the dates for the SIXTH season of Dirty Deeds.

Saturday 23rd May (yes, this is the day before the 2nd round of #FOJCX, come make a weekend of it!)
Sunday 19th July (the week before the Vic State CX Champs)

We have a lot more information to disburse but while Blakey tries to wake our highly skilled CX helper kittens from their off-season slumber (not even a Nys comeback victory could possibly do it) please add these dates to whatever calendar device you might happen to favour.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Speakers Push the Air

Pre-reg is OPEN

Hello Again! Further to my last post about the impending arrival of SpookyCX we would like to send out a callout for volunteers 

We are looking for people to: 
-Setup the course, this will be from mid morning till when racing starts at ~1.30pm
-Registration desk, this will be from ~12.30pm till ~2.30ish, and we'll aim to have two shifts of 1hr.  If you've done it before great, if not and you like the idea of highlighters and envelopes let us know. -Marshall, this will be even cruis-ier than in past races as all racing will be inside the velodrome, this will be in 45min shifts during the day,we'll make sure it won't stop you racing.
-Packup, after racing finishes, getting all the gear stowed away so we can all go have a ginger beer.
If the idea of giving a little time back for a great event sounds good to you then drop us an e-line here.

Have you seen how good the weather is for this weekend?
Best way to handle the niceness is to get out and give that Cx bike a pre-SpookyCX spin and on Sunday you have two excellent options:
** Fields Of Joy are closing the curtains on their super fun inaugural season. Enter for the good times here!
** Those friendly beardos over at Melbourne Gravel Grinders have a superb route planned for you and your friends. I hear stories of u-pick strawberries and crazy small town stores. Go get some of that country gravel road!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I Was A Lover

Greetings DDCX Fans!

Pre-Reg is open!!

It's been longtime between web transmissions but I've fired up the old blogging machine to remind you that the final event of the DDCX calendar is looming...

Yes that's right, it's time to rack your brains to come up with something entertaining for SpookyCross.

The season finale of the CX year (at least in Victoria) is set for Saturday, November 8th at Harrison St Velodrome.

Schedule is as follows:

Hot Laps
Kids Racing
C/Open Scratch  Races
B Scratch Races
Womens CX/Open Races
Kids Presentations
A Scratch Races
Adult Presentations
Pack down

Entry is as follows:
If you have a DDCX season pass this is already covered!
Adults - $20/$15 (no costume/costume)
Kids - $5/$3 (no costume/costume)

You will need a CA or MTBA licence or a DDCX Race licence.

If you have been before you will have some inkling of what to expect, for newcomers plan for an afternoon of CX related fun, with Hot Laps, Scratch Sprints, a Relay Race and the main event the BCCDDCXSSCXWC aka the 'Single-Speed Champs'. Some new 'course features' are planned for the classic short course within the velodrome.

You can ride and wear what you like (but keep it PG-13 please) except for in the BCCDDCXSSCXWC where you must ride a singlespeed bike (of some form). This means a bike that has one gear (or demonstrably cannot shift).

Side note: GISing for this post reminded me just how many great costumes and fun times have been had running this event in the past. It really is one not to miss out on...

Monday, 14 July 2014

Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff,

Hey, you with the CX bike!

Darebin Parklands have their next park care day this Sunday (20th July) from 1 to 3pm, which will involve flower planting at Mt Puffalo (Near the giant egg sculpture in the southern park of the park.)

Both DDCX/BCC and the Darebin Parklands Association would love it if you could come down and spend a bit of your time (doesn't have to be the whole two hours) helping out the parklands as a thankyou for them letting us continue to race here.

Sweat equity goes a long way to building long lasting relationships with open space stewards, and we want to continue the great relationship we have with the DPA and not let it be ruined by a few local residents who disapprove of a once a year CX race in "their" park.

So we want to have a show of force and prove to the NIMBYs that as bike racers we don't just turn up, trash the joint, then leave.

Here's where it's at:

Alphington train station (Hurstbridge line) is a short walk away and the Darebin Creek Trail runs right by Mt Puffalo
Wear your DDCX apparel, bring a hat/sunscreen and maybe some gloves (they will have some, but not enough for all) and be ready to get planting. DPA will have some water and a hot water urn for tea & coffee on hand to slake your thirst. The DDCX committee will provide bikkies for fuel.

Hope to see you there!


PS: Fields of Joy have their first race on Sunday 27th July, and are also running a women's & kids skills session *this* Saturday the 19th at the Essendon Fields course.

Reg here for skills: http://fojcx.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/we-heart-women-kids.html
Reg here for the race: http://fojcx.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/shakedown-race-sunday-july-27-entries.html

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The drones all slave away, they're working overtime

You can add 'drone' to the list of things I didn't see at the race.

Thanks Cam!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party...

As the DDCX posse returns slowly to normal life (plus Blakey tries not to get blown out to sea down at Port Campbell) and we collate the humongous amount of social media created on Sunday we have the entertaining (and brightly helmeted) P.Oliver's review of the non-Elite races over at Australian CX mag to tide you over.

Photo credit: Fame&Spear

Once again thanks to everyone who volunteered, raced, cheered, heckled or got us another rain-free race day. It's no small thing putting these races on, but it's very worth it when we see the so many people show up (and amazingly often smile or say nice things afterwards).

Photo credit: Fame&Spear

Monday, 23 June 2014