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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Verse Chorus Verse

Apologies for our tardiness in posting the results from yesterday but the CX hangover affects each of us differently...

Some like to swear off CX, some take some time with another poison (like road bikes) and some go out for a 'hair of the dog' and spend the day surrounded by tape again...

Here are the results for Saturday's extravaganza... (except for kids, we are still sorting that out). We haven't removed DNS's yet either. So consider them 'preliminary results', OK?

As always... if you have any questions or issues with the results, please take a deep breath and read this.

Men's CX A
Men's CX B
Men's CX C/Open
Women's Races

Also - Can we get a virtual round of applause for all the people who volunteered their time on Saturday (and for that matter Sunday @ FOJCX). There's a lot of moving parts to get these races run and done... all help is always appreciated. #thankavollie

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

From A Tower

As the clock ticks down on an action packed weekend of local CX it's been the usual hive of pandemonium at DDCX HQ.

A full start list can be found here... some people have had their grades 'adjusted' based on past performances (in both CX and other cycling disciplines). So PLEASE check the list.


The day's schedule is as follows:

Friday, 8 May 2015

Delicate soul


Do you like stabbing at grass with pointy objects? Laying down crime scene tape? Chewing gum and taking names? Wearing a sweet orange jacket?

Boy do we have a job for you on the 23rd.

It's the volunteers that help to make DDCX the ongoing success that it is, and we always love to see your faces, new and old, turning up to help us out. So if you feel like joining us for the day, an hour, a few minutes, please e-mail us at ddcx.volunteers@gmail.com. We get your name, mobile, if/when you're racing and any preferred roles, you get some stakes, a vest (probably) and swag.

You can keep the swag. That was implied. We'll probably need the stakes and vest back.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Spanish Bombs

It's nearly race time!

On SATURDAY, TWENTY THIRD OF MAY it will be Round One of DDCX for this year.

Are you excited like we are excited? Not medically possible!

Pre-Reg is now OPEN

So head on down to Harrison St Velodrome (East Brunswick - Don't act like you don't know)

Race Day looks like this:
Registration: 10:30-12:00
Course Open: 10:40-11:30
Kids (incl. Balance bikes): 11:40
Kids Prizes: 12:00-12:15
CX Mens C/Open Mens: 12:20
CX Mens B: 13:05
Course Open: 14:00-14:20
CX Womens A/B/Open: 14:25
Cx Mens A: 15:20

**Times are subject to change.

DDCX Chief Volunteer Wrangler Gil C will be sending out a request for volunteers shortly. Clear your schedules as he is so nice, you won't want to disappoint him.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Boy Better Know

Hey Look... We have a flyer for all of you to refer to when wondering 'When is the next Dirty Deeds race this year?'

We are also loading up the BigCartel site with race permits, tees and a surprise piece of DDCX merch for your purchasing pleasure... That'll all be announced with another post soon enough.

For now, you should all get back to cleaning your bikes after Sunday's outstanding opening round of the Vic State Cx Series.

Monday, 30 March 2015

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

As the leaves start falling and that icy southerly makes its presence known once again it becoming obvious that CX season is getting reeeealllllly close.

With this it comes time to start talking about some of the very excellent people who support DDCX (look to the right... see those logos. Good people all of them).

This year we welcome a new member to that (esteemed? roguish?) group...

Pete Findon has a cycling apparel label called spoxe and before he fled to his homeland he was a regular face at various CX events around town. He also recruited a few DDCX alumni to help out with promoting it (Hi Warrack! Hi Andy!) so we like him even more. Plus his photos are of people riding in the rain... hard as.

He might be based over in Ol'Blighty but if you follow local CX you would have come across his very dry wit in some form on social media. Like many from the north of England those bitter winters have done something to his outlook on life and when he isn't tormenting us with shots of visits to CX World Cups he is waxing sarcastically about his newly adopted local CX races.

He has been kind enough to send us enough socks (and a few knitted hats) to bury some of our junior riders up to their necks. We will distributing this via podiums and the usual whimsical prizes over our races. Even better all the socks are black so there's no need for that urgent nappy-sanning/power washing of socks post race too.

We are also running our annual Women's CX Skills Clinic on Sunday 12th April as part of the The Women's Ride. There's a lot of great events on, but ours is the most likely to feature wheelies (and National Champions) so sign-up via the site for your chance to be entertained by us (and learn hopefully something as well!)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Working Title In Green

<Carefully blows the dust off this blog>
Welcome All,

I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the dates for the SIXTH season of Dirty Deeds.

Saturday 23rd May (yes, this is the day before the 2nd round of #FOJCX, come make a weekend of it!)
Sunday 19th July (the week before the Vic State CX Champs)

We have a lot more information to disburse but while Blakey tries to wake our highly skilled CX helper kittens from their off-season slumber (not even a Nys comeback victory could possibly do it) please add these dates to whatever calendar device you might happen to favour.