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Sunday 21 January 2018

Lurk Hard

Hey... how are you?
We are good too...

Had a nice summer?
That's great!

Here's something you might want to think about as the thought of hot days fade away and the winter starts to slowly peek over the horizon... or maybe you just want to ride a bike in an amusing costume.

More details coming on facebook and instagram... and maybe here. 

Sunday 7 May 2017

3 Wheel-Ups

pic courtesy Andy Rogers (back when he was just called that)

Well it's finally time for the return of the DDCX Prologue...

The start lists have been finely crafted and can be found here.

The night's schedule is as follows:

6:00-8:00 - Registration

6:00-6:30 - Course open

6:35 - Kids (incl Bal bikes) - 15mins

6:50 - Heat 1a

7:05 - Heat 1b

7:20 - Heat 2

7:35 - Heat 3

7:50 - Heat 4

8:05 - Heat 1a Race 2

8:20 - Heat 1b Race 2

8:35 - Heat 2 Race 2

8:50 - Heat 3 Race 2

9:05 - Heat 4 Race 2

9:20 - Presentations

9:30-? Pack down

Want to know what kinda of good times you might be in for? Check out this recap we found in the 'wayback machine'...

Monday 27 February 2017

Welcome Ghosts



April 8th - Women's Skills Clinic - Darebin Parklands
May 12th - Prologue - Harrison St Velodrome
July 9th - Race 1+VICCXS
August 20th - Race 2

Locations are being finalised... But you can bet we will be back at the 'Spiritual Home of Vic CX' at Harrison St Velodrome (finally!)

We also have a few new tricks up our sleeves for the events.

Monday 5 September 2016

Journey To The End Of The East Bay

As now broadcast on other channels the following has happened...


Yes, it's true. DDCX is cancelled this weekend.

The short story is that the club track work isn't done and we can't race at Harrison St.

The longer story involves council bureaucracy and a lack of communication which lead to the panic alarms being fired up at DDCX HQ on Friday of last week. On Saturday we thought we had a solution, today it appears we don't. We've exhausted a number of alternatives, but with less than a week before the event and a reputation based on seven years of good racing and great times we don't want to tarnish the spiritual home of Victorian CX with something undeserving.

We will still be running an event as part of SSWC and after that we will look at how we can try and prove we still have skillz to create CX thrillz.

For everyone who has already entered, you will get refunded ASAP.
Believe us this decision was not taken lightly... it hurts us a lot to finish our local CX season like this when this year has seen such a phenomenal growth in racers and race quality.

So if you were planning to get some last minute racing done before heading over to crush euro souls at the US CX World Cups we sincerely apologise...

Wednesday 17 August 2016


Our second round for the year is coming up on September 11, and we're back at Harrison St to help celebrate the refurbished Velodrome!

Entries will open soon and we're making the call out now for all you wonderful volunteers. Those of you that want to help out with the Building, Marshalling and Rego Desking, please contact us at ddcx.volunteers (gmail.com) and we'll get you setup with prime heckling locations, course recon and the usual swag perks. As always, we can't make this happen without the strong community support, so any help you can provide is appreciated.

Saturday 9 July 2016


It is with our deepest apologies that we have to announce that the second round of DDCX has been relocated from the 24th July to the 11th September.

The location will be Harrison St Velodrome which many will know is the 'heart and soul' of DDCX. We have been running for 7 years and have never missed a year at 'the track'. It was definitely our plan to not make this year the first!

Some very delayed ongoing projects there have meant the original date was no longer possible and there wasn't enough time to find another venue where we got confidently host the growing horde of CX racers that we are coming to expect!

But don't despair! Ballarat have their 4th round of the Dirty Rat CX series on the Saturday and on the Sunday ol'mates Melbourne Gravel Grinders (which is like our longer-ranging half-sibling) have wizarded up a route for everyone to enjoy.

And... yes we know it's Amy's Gran Fondo weekend as well as the Bendigo round of the VES. Sorry!

Wednesday 1 June 2016



Entries are now open for the first DDCX race of the year (and Round 4 of the Vic CX series).

All the details can be found on the EntryBoss event, or on the flyer to the right, or a past post. Actually just go to the EntryBoss event it has the most info!

If you have raced or attended DP before you know of its flowing course and stadium-like crowd atmosphere around the course. It's a great venue and we are very stoked to have it back in rotation.

We will also have the usual DDCX good times in form of food and coffee. We do ask you respect the local residents and park either at Pitcher Park or Alphington Train station. There are a few bus routes that run through the area and nobody wants their race interrupted by a 'please move your car' message (or your car towed).

So what are you doing reading this rambling post? Get entering and get ready to race!