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What the hell is Cyclocross?

please see here

What's the difference between the two categories?

 One category is for bikes specifically designed for CX - that is, they have 24" - 700c wheels with tyres under 35mm wide, drop bars, no suspension and cantilever, disc or caliper brakes. The other category is for every other kind of bike.

Where the bloody hell are these races?

Please see here.

On Pre-reg vs Day-reg
Pre-reg is great, it helps us know who's coming, which grades are busy, where we need to allocate more transponders etc, and saves us entering rider details into the timing system 5min before the race starts. It also means that you are damn near guaranteed a ride. We exclusively use the excellent services of EntryBoss.cc for pre-reg. Look for our races there!

I saw far too many sadfaces last round, kids and adults alike, when told there were no more spots. We were chockers last time, we will be chockers this time.

Don't chance it on the day. (But don't prereg and then no show without telling us, you take a race spot from another punter and lose your $$)

Helpful? Love DDCX and want it so run smoothly? Not racing? Not racing all day? Not a jerk?

Then email ddcx.volunteers at gmail dot com and tell them you'd love to help out. Give us the following:

  • Name
  • Mobile #
  • Volunteering slot 
(eg slots: setup from 0800, rego desk from 1000, course marshal during kids, course packup etc etc)

I'm a girl. Do I have to race against boys?

Yes. However, there will be separate prizes for you at the end, should you manage to beat the other girls.

Can I ride my sweet brakeless fixie in these races?

Is your name Mat Gray? If you answered No, then our answer is also No.

Can I bunnyhop the barriers?

You can try.

Do I have to wear a helmet?


What time do races start?

Consult the page for the specific race. Generally rego at 1030, course open very soon thereafter, racing at 12 onwards.

What format will the races use?

Regular races are 45-60 minutes + 1 lap for elites, less for hubbards.

The prologue and SpookyCX are anything goes.

Will there be a pit?

Yes, you can leave your spare bike / wheels / fresh underwear there.

What can I win?

Please see here.

Why do I need a CA/MTBA permit?

Because we need insurance to run these events, so when you get injured and your mum decides to sue us we don't lose our rare BQ issues.

Can I ride the course beforehand?

Like we said above, the course will be open before racing starts. You are welcome to head down to the individual locations on the days before that, but there won't be any markings or anything. The day of the race the course will be closed during setup but everyone will have about an hour to pre-ride the course between before racing starts.

The results are wrong!

While the judges will endeavour to get all the results accurately, they are of course capable of error. Errors usually happen when numbers are not visible, if large groups of riders cross the finish area at the same time, in the case of accidents, and often while slower riders are in the process of being lapped. The priority of concern for a judge goes something like:
- Safety of riders
- Lead riders
- Timekeeping
- Lower places

So if you are not in the top 5 riders, there is a better chance of an error. It's not because we don't care, it is simply how it is. You can always complain on social media, everyone likes that!

You listed me as DNF but I finished the race!

While the judges will endeavour to get every rider that crosses the finish line, they will sometimes make mistakes. A good practice is to note one or two of the riders you cross the finish line with. If you are listed as DNF simply say: "Hey you excellent humans, I finished with Easy Guy and rider 22" - then we can try to rectify the situation. But, in the meantime, take a relax.

I am a racer / sponsor / photographer / hot jam donut vendor and I want to get involved. How can I do this?

Leave a comment on the blog or email dirtydeedscx at gmail dot com and we'll get back to you!