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As you might have heard or seen, at DDCX there will be kids races. If you are under 15, you are a kid (we don't want to split hairs or anything - if you're under 15 on the day of the race, you're a kid, unless you are FAST like Liam Jeffries or Adam Blazevic in that case get someone who we know to come and vouch for you, nicely please, and we can see what's possible and sensible). These races will be held over abbreviated versions of the regular courses, before the adults races and will last ten minutes plus one lap.

They will give kids a chance to practice their cyclocross skills and have three or four washing machine loads worth of muddy fun. Younger kids will be allowed parental helpers, so long as they act within the spirit of the event (no cheating, overcompetitive dads! (jokes, we love cheating in kids races!)).

Entry fees will be $5. Kids under 11 are eligible for KIDZ licenses, and someone will need to fill this out on the day (see here for more detail on license categories). Prizes are, as per usual, given out according to our whims, and we can be very whimsical.

Oh, and kids can ride whatever bikes they like. We ain't snobby.

We love balance bikes and costumes!