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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I Never Have And Never Will.

Like Klaus from Cycling Inquisition, we here at DDCXHQ have a troubled relationship with nationality. While we obviously love Cyclocross and its varied history, we are also of the opinion that the singular focus on the Belgian part of that history is limiting at best. Instead, we are interested in creating a Cyclocross that is truly our own, limited only by your imagination. So instead of thinking, "Oh, man, the Dirty Deeds Prologue is coming up, I better get me a cowbell!" You might think to yourself, "Oh, man, the Dirty Deeds Prologue is coming up. Most people are going to have cowbells, but instead of just a cowbell, why don't I bring a cowbell and a snare drum. Or a cowbell and a snare drum and the whole bloody drum kit! Or a cowbell and a snare drum and the whole bloody drum kit and an entire marching band!" And now you're really thinking something! Or maybe you could add a little bush-band flavour to proceedings and bring a lagerphone and a tea-chest bass. And instead of pretending to like chips and mayonnaise you could just invite your weird uncle who runs a hot jam donut van to swing by on that Friday night and the whole velodrome will smell like the MCG. The possibilities are endless.

This series is yours, and we depend on you to make it something awesome - and trust you not to make it something that it's not. Take it further than that.

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  1. Except vuvuzelas... you will definitely be asked to leave if you bring a vuvuzela.

    Brendan comes out in a weird rash if he hears them so it's for all of our safety.

    If I see someone with a wobbleboard (or a beer bottle xylophone) i may buy you a soft drink.


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