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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Blanket And A Habitat.

Dates announced! Sweet baby Jeebus, will you look at that flyer! There's so much radness there I want to snuggle up into it and fall asleep to infinity. Maps! Forest! World Champion stripes! And as if that's not enough, an elephant crushing a bike wheel. Tara Jayne, you've outdone yourself.


  1. ha haaaa.............i bought Jake The Snake just to do these races ;D


  2. Good to hear Thomas!

    At this point we are still looking for a cowbell sponsor ;)

    But I can recommend your local musical instrument store (in particular the drum section) and their cowbells. I found one for ~$12 and combined with a wooden spoon I've been able to make one hell of a racket at CX races.

  3. Just a quickie,,,,,had some chat with some folks,,
    are you enforcing the UCI tire width rule this year?
    I would hate to be thrown off the start line,,
    most of the suppliers = Pro bike kit ,chain reaction ,etc seem to only have very limited stock of Cx tires that are under 35 mm..
    The Normanator

  4. hi norm,

    after a quick word with our commissaire we have established that he does not intend to carry a measuring tape at any of these races. if it looks like a CX tire, it is a CX tire.

    in other news, we are allowing disc brakes this year. these are exciting times.

    thanks mate,

    brendan / ddcx


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