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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sweet As A Love Note.

Excellent news from our Cycling Victoria Liason Officer: At any Dirty Deeds race this year you will be able to purchase a Cyclocross Season Pass for $50. This will cover your race licencing needs for all four Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross races and the Cycling Victoria Cyclocross Open. This has solved a major headache for us, and represents a total bargain for you. Now you have no excuse!


  1. $50!!!!

    this is a race entry fee for all the five races is it?


  2. Thomas - this is the licence fee for all 5 races.

    Race entry is $10 per race.

    I'll update the post to clarify.

  3. damn, already purchased the full size CA licence.

  4. well josh, i expect to see you out at road races / track races and criteriums, getting superfit for the CX season!

  5. Hey Brendan/nikcee,

    I couldn't find where to ask this question. That dirty deeds flyer at the top of this page there, Can they put it on a t-shirt? I'll buy one now.


  6. Hey guys, Ross from iRide Bikes here. We'll be in attendance at each race cutting laps, but would love to get further involved and throw a bit of love your way. If someone could get in contact with me:


    or just give us a call at the shop it would be super sweet.


  7. Hey Guys,

    Jack from Beat Magazine hear, we have been running a monthly cycling special called ticket to ride. Just wanted to get into contact with someone about the event so that we can hopefully cover it. Shoot me an email: jack@beat.com.au.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  8. Jack: You have been emailed

    Ross: Nik will email you.

    Thanks folks for your interest!

  9. Hey Guys,
    Snozza here from FGP & Trailmix... We'd love to be more involved and help grow this thing. As we've talked in the past, starting at the end of July, we'll be starting our four race cross series! Email or call me please! Cheers snozza


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