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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Baby Baby Baby Oh Yeah!

The last race! This Sunday at the Brunswick Velodrome, Harrison St Brunswick.

Mud, sun, (vegan!) BBQ, cowbells, obnoxious commentary, raging tunes, vegan bake sale, free coffee, the best prizes i've ever had the privilege to hand out (new CX bike, anybody?), stacks, inappropriate bikes, attractive people in lycra, photo opportunities, beer hand-ups, beer hand-downs, five dollar prizes for stupid tricks / mid-race challenges, lollies from the kiosk, (ginger) beer, Pavlis' hill, champagne for our real friends, real pain for our sham friends, the velodrome where they once held the Australian titles (no kidding!), malarkey, shenanigans, hilarity!

Oh, and some bike racing. Rego and course open at 12. Open category races at 1, CX category races at 2, presentations and barbecue at 4. New and improved course that is secret right now, but may include stairs...


  1. For a first timer wanting to enter your CX race for some weekend fun, am I able to simply enter as a one off by registering on Sunday or do I need some special fan-dangle bike license.

  2. Hi Giovanni,

    You need a race licence so that if anything should (unfortunately) happen to you or another racer there are no messy law suits or liability issues. Without them we wouldn't be able to get half the support from clubs and other riders.

    We will have 3 ride licences available on the day (which will allow you to race sunday and then perhaps try a session or two @ DISC velodrome or a road race all under the same licence). These are $30 and are discounted from their normal price ($55) should you try and get one from elsewhere in an attempt to get more people like yourself to try 'cross.

    Hope this helps...

  3. Thanks nikcee, I’ll be there as I just got financial and leave of absence approval from wife.


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