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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This Microphone Conducts Sound Into Electricity.

Hey, I just yesterday got a message from the good people at Pedros. This message was today followed by two gigantic boxes that I made my students carry to my car. Intrigued yet? The students certainly were. But they were pretty confused to hear that the boxes contained heaps and heaps of chainlube and tyre levers. "Brendan, why would you need that much chainlube?" one asked. "And why would you need so many tyre levers? You've only got two hands," the other, more gifted student continued. "Well," I told them, "We're going to give out a bottle of chainlube and two tyre levers to everyone who races in our bike race on the weekend."

They thought that was pretty cool.

And then they tried to run off.

But I stopped them.

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