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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Between One June And September You're All I Remember.

The pre-race roundup:

We've organized some one-day permits from CSV, and will be selling them tomorrow at the subsidized price of $20. That's a grand total of $30 to race. I just saved you ten bucks. Now go spend it at the bake sale.

Which leads me nicely into my next subject. The man from Jamis, Leigh De Luca, has just returned from two weeks in Bali and is keen to distribute some of the swag he carried home in his boogieboard bag. No, not that. So again, just by signing up, you gain a Jamis Glueless Patch Kit:

Image sideways because I'm computer illiterate. Anyways, this patch kit + the tyre levers from Pedros = you only need a pump next time you get a puncture. You may write me a letter of thanks next time you flat in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.

Leigh is also providing some stickers.

Because kids love stickers.

Just to reiterate, the course will be open from 12 tomorrow. Anyone who wants to come down before that and help set up is more than welcome. Bring a hammer and some gloves. Open race is at 1, CX race at 2, barbie and beer at 3, presentations at 4. See you there!


  1. brendan is going to hunt me down and kill me,....I forgot to return my race number .Thanks guys was a great event

  2. DISC velodrome tuesday nights from 6pm would be a good place to drop it off.

    there or Fitzroy Revolution anytime they are open - leave it care of Brendan.

    Numbers can be returned:

    - In person at DISC (Velodrome at 281 Darebin Rd Thornbury) on
    Tuesday nights from 6pm. Please drop it off at the registration desk.
    - By post to: Brunswick Cycling Club, PO Box 2027, Brunswick East, VIC 3057


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