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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shopping With A Cartesian

Following up from his awarding of the much-coveted (by me at least) Rapha 'Cross jersey to the sole female entrant in the CX category, Malachi at Northside Wheelers has promised to provide prizes for the Ladies CX podium should we be able to fill it at Round#3.

This includes a Rapha Ladies Classic Jersey and a variety of much-desired* accessories.

You can race at your own pace, and as long as you make it to the bell lap (~40mins)  you can take as many cookie/beer-handups as you like.

Given that all is required to have a chance at some sweet product is some simple mods to your road bike (or fixed gear - though you'll need a freewheel too) you would have to think this is an attractive offer.

*based on the theory that everytime Rapha comes up in a conversation people inevitably say 'oooohhh! that stuff looks really good'

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