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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It Ain't Hard To Tell

Big News!

We have a flyer...
Click to download your own copy
Also this year's National Cyclocross Series (NCXS) has been announced... (We are still waiting for acknowledgement on the CyclingAustralia page.)

But with for the 'big show' and local races now announced you had best get some training in, and what better way then with a road trip up to Beechworth for a weekend of racing and riding?

DDCX has been asked to 'curate' the Cyclocross race at the inaugural Beechworth Gran Fondo and we will be up there that weekend helping you get a start on this year's racing calendar.

Chief CX Nerd Nik and CrossBoss Jeremy have worked with the organisers to put together a very unique course that takes advantage of the road closures they will have in place for the main event the next day as well as the Beer Garden (that will likely be a source of much racer 'encouragement'). This might be the first cross course in Australia to feature a barn as well.

Yes it's a not urban Melbourne, but we know we have fans outside of the city, and for the rest... we know many of you are frowning at flight costs to other states for NCXS so this is an even cheaper adventure. Word is that the Fondo courses for the Saturday are quite amazing too.

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