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Monday, 16 July 2012

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

First things first, the full results are coming. This we promise!

But some administration is required
  • If you raced A Grade (Mens or Womens) or B Grade Mens, and were given a fabric number and took this number home, we still have your race licence. This might be important for some of you, especially if you plan to race elsewhere before the next DDCX. We will be publishing names and sorting out TWO pickup points in the coming days. But for now, best if you check that muddy pile of 'stuff' that is your unwashed kit from the weekend for numbers. I repeat, this applies to A GRADE MEN & WOMEN & B GRADE MEN.
  • If you placed 4th or 5th, you won some money but thanks to a combination of factors we weren't able to hand you your envelope during presentations. Again, we will publish your names so you can have the small slice of fame you earned and will have it waiting for you at registration for the next round.
PICKUP POINT #1 is DISC velodrome, 281 Darebin Rd, Thornbury, from 7pm to 9pm TONIGHT (Tuesday 17th July). Ask for Blakey, he'll probably be at the rego or results table for Brunswick Tuesday Track racing.

While you wait to see if you beat that guy/girl in that sweet jersey that you battled all race check out DDCX photography stalwarts Brian Mangano and Fame and Spear's photos of the day. 

We do want to thank everyone who showed up, pinned up or yelled out during the day... your support helps keep cross racing growing here.

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