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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Can't Let Go

I should be writing an essay but thinking about cyclocross is much more fun. The essay is about cycling and women's mobility in Melbourne and Montreal so I am not straying too far off topic (she says not fooling anyone but herself). Back to CX ...

Spring is upon us and even though I am excited about the prospect of warmer weather, leaving winter behind also means that my Melbourne cyclocross season is almost over. I could venture to Lysterfield or out of the state with the DDCX contingency heading to Adelaide but the reality of a looming thesis deadline means the Victorian Cyclocross Open will be my last race of the season. Bummer.

I just don't feel ready to hang up the pink flames until next year. There are a few reasons for this:
  1. I missed DDCX round 2 on account of being in Montreal (see above) so I don't feel I filled my fun quota for the season,
  2. The North American CX season is kicking off and I am getting inspired all over again by Heidi Swift's excellent blog Grit & Glimmer,
  3. The "enabler" has been at it again and I have a new cross frame on the way. Squeel!
I imagine I will not be alone in experiencing the post-cross blues that is due to set in around October. A few people have already expressed their interest in some spring/summer/autumn training so they are ready to go once the 2012 season kicks off. Now that's the spirit!

So if you, like me, are unwilling to let go or if you were watching from the sidelines in 2011 and want to get amongst it in 2012, get in touch. We could arrange some group rides, skills sessions - whatever you like. But not before I get the evil thesis monkey off my back at the end of October. If you would like to do something before then I can put you in touch with other keen beans. Email me: katelansell@gmail.com

OK, back to work (read watching Lucinda Williams on you tube).


  1. Katie, if you want the best possible CX fitness training, you should come race some crits. Unless, like Nik, you're scared of riding near other people...

  2. Fuck yeh crits are perfect cross training (in terms of effort). There are heaps all over melbourne all summer. Racing doesn't have to end with the end of cross season.
    Racing is all year around!

  3. Ignoring BeeBee's comments about my lack of interest in being crashed out of races by dentists on expensive bikes, this guy has some good tips (read towards the end).

    Plus I will mention my open invitation to show you some of the Yarra Trails that I regularly ride (and how/where we have been practicing CX skills on them.)

    Last I checked normal road bikes were banned from the VeloEstate. Blakeys Felt is kept hidden out the back in diguise/disgrace ;)

  4. I'm with you Nick. I don't need any more scars on my face from dentists on expensive bikes crashing into me. I am down for riding my CX bike any time!

  5. Crits through the summer seem to work pretty well for the girl with the cowbell tattoo...


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