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Monday, 24 May 2010

You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came To The Dance With)

A little update... I interrupted my testing of a new road frame with some exploratory course checking with Brendan on Sunday.

Round 1 (HSV) is looking good, and should be a good intro to CX for those who are new to it.
We also went and did some recon for Round 2 and this will be a blast. Lots of good terrain to work with.

We are also going to introduce a 'Inappropri-Cross' race at one of the rounds. This will be open to any form of bike that it would seem would be foolish to ride a CX course on. Examples include: step-throughs, bmxs, NJS-showroom trackbikes.

In other news I've been watching race coverage from some of the CX World Cup events from last year. If you think listening to flemish is odd, you should try doing it with bad english sub-titles. AMAZING!


  1. Perhaps you guys should provide some tips for the Aussie kids. Try this:

  2. bring it on slices,cant wait for some cx racing.good work.


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