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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Here's my number, score me maybe?


If you are racing CX Nationals on Saturday or Sunday's DDCX NCXS Round 5, you will be issued two (2) numbers to pin.

If you are racing support at DDCX, you will be issued one (1) number to pin.

See how this rider has the number pinned tightly and clearly at mid torso? Plus the second number on the jersey pockets (yes, yes, skinsuits don't have pockets, you know what we mean). Do this. On your LEFT hand side. (The National Championships Technical Guide is WRONG)

If you don't pin them correctly and they're misplaced, loose, obscured, missing, under your jacket (!) etc,  the judges can't see them and your results may be awry, and noone likes a DNF.

If you are racing anything bar Kidz you will also be issued one (1) transponder to ziptie to the middle of your fork blade.

If you don't attach it correctly, it may not read, and again, death before DNF.

Finally, I'm not going to name names, but there are STILL numbers that haven't been returned from the last DDCX round. If you leave the venue with your number & transponder you face a $60 fee.

So, with thanks to those USAC hating renegades OBRA, here's a catchy little number to show you what to do:


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