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Monday, 12 August 2013

Did you enjoy DDCX at Darebin Parklands?

We did- and we always do. So that's why we want you to show your support for Dirty Deeds and the good folks at Darebin Parklands Management especially Ranger Pete and Adrian who allow us to use the park one day a year.

We'd like you to send an email by clicking HERE, or posting on their wall HERE just to say thanks and how much you enjoyed the day.

The Friends of Darebin Parklands are friends of Dirty Deeds so email/post away folks.

Plus, if you can take 2 minutes to fill out a feedback form here with some good vibes, then maybe Melbourne councils will realise that there is support for CX racing in the inner city and that it's a good use for green space.

Full race report up later today.

As a thanks for the good PR you just generated, here's some photos with #DDCX tags on instagram:

And #NCXS:

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