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Thursday, 8 August 2013

There's a party tonight, you're in a red light zone, If you don't want a ticket you better move on.

This is important, so it gets its own post in case you missed it when you read the technical guide. You read the guide right?

The race is to be held at Darebin Parklands, cnr of Yarana Rd and Smith St, Alphington. This is a residential area, the park is used by other people, and we are expecting a large number of racers and spectators, so if you drive to the venue, you  will almost certainly have to park a ways away and walk in.

However, Alphington train station (Hurstbridge line) can be found at the beginning (south end) of Yarana St and the 508 bus stops right at the parklands, for those looking for nearby public transit options, and as always, we highly recommend riding to the race.

Parking can be found on either side of Separation St, Abbott St, Parklands Ave and Yarana Rd south of Parklands.   

It should be noted that Yarana Road south of Separation St is actually a bike path and not a road.

Parking on Yarana Rd north of Separation will be for event staff and sponsors only.

Do not park near the corners of Separation St / Bennett St, Bennett St / Parklands Ave, Parklands Ave / Yarana Rd, Yarana Rd / Wingrove St as this is the 508 bus route and blocking a bus will get you a parking ticket/towed very quickly!

Most of the side streets nearby are residential and we expect them to get parked out quickly. We recommend parking at the Alphington train station car park or the nearby Pitcher Park if you are arriving later.   

In summary: You are not a special snowflake, you do not deserve front row parking. If you try to sneak into staff parking, park illegally, or block a bus, don't be surprised if your vehicle is towed, ticketed or you are made fun of mercilessly over the P.A.


  1. What if you're not a sponsor (common folk), but you bring more gear and equipment than most sponsor's do to support a team? Are we able to access the restricted area for dumping and re-park? Or could we even push the boundries enough to reqest a special park? We're not lazy and we wouldn't normally expect special treatment, but we really do have a lot of stuff and we do think it adds to the day.

  2. oops. Only just read this. Thanks for not towing us.
    We had a full car of young family and arrived late for the Mens Elite. We had a great time sitting in the sun down the bottom of the course on rowdy hill.
    The course was the best yet!

  3. Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers for a great day.


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