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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Super Disco Breakin'

EDIT: Now with the correct day!

Word from the north of the state:

THE WANGARATTA CYCLO CROSS will happen on Sunday September 17 at the club rooms, (Shanley St, Wangaratta.)

It is more of a trial, to see if an event will be supported around here, if successful then there will be a series with perhaps 2 races in wangaratta, one in albury, and one in bright/mt beauty.

The course is basic, fast and flat. It's a bit boggy in places.But can ridden on a 42 chainring.

There are no sponsors, so prize money will be dependent on entrys.

Consider yourselves all invited... unfortunately the 'cross racing component of DDCX HQ will be inter-state seeing how the croweaters run their races, (apparently with less mud).

In other updates this summarises why I like riding my cross bike with fast friends on the weekends rather than racing on the road (for now). I also predict it will also spur Brendan to tease me about it as well.


  1. That doesn't do justice to crits at all!

  2. Yes yes. All very well and good.

    But you know, don't you, why we're all here reading this blog.

    You asked us to be patient.

    And we have been.

    Your turn.


  3. Dear Stew,

    You finished somewhere between fourth and last.

    Love Brendan / DDCX

  4. Tee Hee. I like it. :-).
    While I am here, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the DDCX crew (Brendan, Nikcee, Blakey et al) for all their hard work, dedication and encouragement. I have had a great time getting muddy and smiling and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of excellent like-minded crossers. Learning to ride a bike changed my life, competing in the DDCX Series for the first time this year has definitely enhanced it. For a non competitive gal who basically sucked in all four races, I have this strange desire to practice all summer to see if I can get a cleat on the podium just once before I die! Long Live DDCX.

  5. Agreed - it's been a fantastic series and huge thanks to the crew for all their efforts.

    But I don't get the results thing. What happened? If you lost them in the mud or used them as rolly papers, it's no problem - just let us know, we'll believe you. One time I lost my four-year son in a crowded fairground and instead of looking for him I went home and told my wife he'd gone to play at friends house. I saved myself the job of looking but regret it as it was hard work to have a son and will take at least four years to get another that age.

  6. KN - the final results lie with our never-tiring chief official who as I understand it is currently herding cats on the Tour Of The Murray River.

    He was otherwise engaged at a similar event last week I believe.

    Believe me, I want to know how much I beat Huw from Commuter Cycles by as well, but like you I have to wait just a little longer.

    Apologies... but it just gives you more time to work on your victory dance steps (for when you meet other DDCX racers),

  7. Wait, I thought Gene was Knobnose?

  8. The day /date for Wangaratta is SATURDAY 17 ,,the poster is correct,The actual times of races and categories depend on how many show up.I said it was boggy in places.went on the course today and.. nearly sank..looking good .Norm G


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