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Friday, 26 August 2011


Win a Dirty Deeds race and you get a fair amount of glory, notoriety with your peers and an envelope from Blakey with fifty bucks in it. Win the first ever Victorian Cyclocross Open and you will win copious amounts of glory, notoriety with your peers and three hundred bucks! That's awesome!

I've heard a couple of key things about this race. The first is that the starting grid will be based on your ranking in the Dirty Deeds Aggregate, just like a UCI Cyclocross World Cup event. That's right, we play like the big boys.

And the second is that this race is a precursor to a Victorian Cyclocross Championship, so get out there and support it. Because once we have a Victorian Cyclocross Championship, we're ready to have a National Championship. You get the picture. We love our little races, and we love how anyone can enter and have bucketloads of fun, but just imagine if riding your bike through mud for an hour could result in you wearing the green and gold stripes. For Real. And then... wait for it... go to the Cyclocross World Champs.

Oh man, that's full on. Seriously. I'm having trouble believing that this little community, that started on a hot February night with Matty Bowen drawing lines on the ground around the Hawthorn Crit circuit, is turning into something this big. I gotta say, I'm proud of my part in it. And I'm proud of all of you, for making it as awesome as it is.

I think I'm blushing.

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