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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Devil Snapping At My Heels.

Omg, shit just got real.

The long-awaited Cycling Victoria Cyclocross Open has just been made official. It's happening, people. This is the closest thing we currently have to a UCI-standard state championships. It's a big deal. You should be excited.

One note to temper your excitement, however: When entering Cycling Victoria events, it pays to read the fine print. Trust me, you don't want to rock up in your Hell Krew kit only to find you have to wear it inside out because they're not a registered sponsor.

(Sure, that's the rule on the internet, but will they make you get changed in real life? Probably not. But do you want to risk it? Probably not. Bring a spare plain (or registered club) jersey just in case)


  1. Any idea how the gradings work - A/B?
    How much do you folk at DDCX have to do with this new event?
    Maybe I can sneak down from Ipswich to join in.

  2. Scott - The DDCX timer/registrar/chief official is involved in the timing/officiating of this. As of now, we are no more than keen supporters of this event.

  3. Well that pretty much dried up my enthusiasm for this race. Too many rules. Too many conditions.

  4. Monsieur Mumba, I hear you. I can only assure you, as someone who has ridden a number of CV Open events, that jumping through all of their hoops is ultimately worth it.

  5. it's not really that many hoops either.

    ad to defent the CV guys, it's to protect the people that INVEST in the sport. If you want to wear your branded gear it's easy enough (a form and some $$$) to make it an official CV kit.

    But same as the guys in the sidebar who turn up to all the DD races - they need to be recognised as supporting the events.

  6. Not buying it. At least you guys still have the right idea.

  7. really?

    not buying that the people who actually make these events happen don't deserve to have SOME protection for their investment???

    And just so you know - i have ZERO affiliation with CSV.

    PLUS, while the DD guys run the coolest events, and i love racing at them. having a CSV run state title is a BIG DEAL, and a CSV event needs to be run under correct rules. I'm impressed they are offering an "open" division - that alone is more than most CX promoters, especially govening bodies, would do. Tip of the hat to them for that one.

  8. Well may I tip my hat as well? Hopefully you and I can just agree to disagree. Maybe what I really wanted was just one more Dirty Deeds. Can you blame me? These guys have done such a good job that all other efforts pale in comparison. I've raced 'cross for years. And an effort like this makes me feel pretty good about the future. You don't need to hear anymore about why I'm not excited about that CSV race. After the third deed, me and my favorite jersey will just have to wait until next year. Peace.


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