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Friday, 19 August 2011

I Hear Payback.

Two nights before race three and things at DDCXHQ are kicking into overdrive. Hamish is neglecting his job at the ABC in order to purchase icepacks for your booboos. Blakey is running around getting your prize packages ready. Nath is writing out our out-of-towners pre-registration list. I'm writing in the blog and building a ginger-beer flavoured lagerphone. And Nik, well, Nik is somewhere being Nik.

So, here's a rundown of what we've discovered in the last two days.

The good people at Cycling Edge are not only providing a bike for a certain Brunswick member who also happens to ride for Rapha-Condor-Sharp, but they're also kicking in $50 per race for the person with the best barrier leap. They're not official sponsors, but after a quick read of their blog they certainly seem to get it. Check it out here.

When it comes to sob stories it's difficult to beat a brush with terminal illness, so it's no surprise to hear that Heavy Metal Jono took out the Fitzroy Revolution "Random Rider" competition. Check out the Revolution's facebook page for his entry. I've heard that Jono will be welcomed to his first ever Cyclocross race with numerous showers of beer, which bodes badly for anyone else wearing Revolution kit, given no one knows what Jono looks like.

The weather report for Sunday says early fog, then sunny and 19 degrees. Our Chief Commissaire, however, informs me that both mudpits (that's right, there are two) will continue to be most wretched on the day, regardless of the sunshine. Bring your gumboots, bring your rubber chicken, bring your skinsuits, bring your bike, bring your mud tyres, bring your goddamn drumkits, bring your voice, bring the noise!


  1. Can't wait. Looking forward to a Great Race atmosphere and some excellent racing.

  2. Oh, and working out where the Hell Krew compound should be located...

  3. Some pics up now on BSC Bikes Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.220923467957219.58406.131903790192521


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