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Friday, 29 July 2011

Like A Stone.

Some news on the publicity front: Firstly DDCX has finally cracked the tight jeans and raybans market with an article in three thousand. Our good friend Reuben does a good job of making us not look like backwoods hillbillies. However, I destroy all of his excellent work by ranting like a hepped-up conspiracy theorist in an article with The Wheeler, which you will actually have to go to a bike store and pick up. But don't worry, it's free!

In other news, Cross Melburn is this weekend and I won't be riding, partially because I'm sick and partially because I fear that all the teasing I do on the microphone will, at some point, come back to haunt me. But it looks like a seriously fun day, and will likely be a blast for all concerned.

And, finally, our last race is a mere three weeks away. We had to schedule this one back a bit because our commissaire is currently dealing with some slick-tyre style guys down in Gippsland, and wasn't going to make it back in time, but really, isn't it nice to have a bit of extra rest? The last one is back in our ancestral homelands, the Harrison St Velodrome. Be warned that the course will bear next to no resemblance to either of the courses we schemed up last year. Heading down there to do practice laps will be of no help to you at all. You hear me, Genie?

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