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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Daily Operation

Trailmix out at Lysterfield have come through with their long awaited 'Cross Melburn' series and it kicks off next Sunday out there.

For more info go here.

I'll try and get a post of their sweet flyer that they were handing out at DDCX#2 as well.


  1. Ok, I checked the link and some google searches but no luck so; does anyone know how much a MTB license costs? I'm interested in this event but can't get any info about cost. . . basically how much will this race (and/or series) cost?

  2. Mike,

    I believe day licences are $15.

    I'm also interested in race costs, the flyer i have doesnt list them either

  3. "CX races are $20. Licence requirements are as per MTBA. Day licence are $20. Annual (12months starting the day you sign up) can be from $110. check out www.fullgaspromotions.com.​au" - from facebook.


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