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Monday, 3 September 2012

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

The state championships are less than three weeks away and registration closes September 20th, so be sure to register. There are SRS BSNSS grades (Elite & Masters 1) and 'Why so serious?' grades, so don't be afraid of entering, Kipp & CV are going to show you a good time.

Then the week after that, the inaugural national cyclocross series winds up with the final two rounds in Sydney. And hot on its heels, Cross Melburn has its final round (after the unfortunate news that this weekend's race had to be cancelled due to the sheer amount of rain at the venues).

And then that's it right? No more CX until 2013 rolls around?

Not necessarily! DDCX HQ have been inspired by De Luca's clown costume and Sime's corpse paint and are busy pulling strings in the background to try and put together a season ending afternoon & evening of racing & good times that may or may not include an official unoffical BCCDDCXSSCXWC race.

So, if you have a DDCX Season Pass, don't throw it away, don't leave it in your jersey pocket and wash it like Dave did, instead, stick it to your fridge and stand by for further announcements.



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