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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters

After a little wrestling with various spreadsheet products and googledocs DDCX HQ are proud to present the results for Round 2. If you head over to the Results page you can find out who you snuck in front of on your last lap, or who you didn't realise was actually in front of you the whole time.

In other far more exciting news, entries are now open for the Victorian State Cyclocross Championships. You can find the details here, but as DDCX are mildly entangled in the event I would like to help answer a few questions I've been asked.

This is only a State Championship race for Kids, Masters and Elites. There is another TWO races for everyone else who loves cross, but doesn't feel like rubbing elbows with the likes of Rattray, Jackson and co. These are 'Any Bike' and 'B grade', just like those offered by DDCX... there's no title on offer for these grades so sandbaggers are a lot less likely.

Yes, you can use your DDCX permit for the latter two races so don't throw it out. The trick is to use the manual form to enter (the same goes for MTBA and BMXA licence holders as the CV system doesn't yet know your friendly folks). Knowing how enthusiastic the organiser is for this I'm prepared to say that this will be a good course and the elite race will be very hotly contested (which means great watching).

I'm personally excited to see DDCX's favourite podium girl Emily Hughes smile her way to a Junior championship, but she will have to battle her new rival Emily Jackson who has obviously been using the fresh country air and wide open spaces of Bairnsdale to her advantage recently.

Races will be started in waves, both for categories (B grade vs Masters) and for gender (Mens vs Women). An example is that Masters will be racing at the same time as B grade, but one will start a minute or so before the other.

So don't be afraid of the name and come out and have a go at the newest course Victorian cyclocross has to offer!

All photos kindly courtesy of proud parent and best vintage bike winner Rik Blazevic

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  1. Hey you guys

    Awesome event you had on the other week! Only wish I had discovered this stuff earlier.

    I was there camera-in-hand. Here's some of the images I got of the day.

    Let me know what you think of them and if you think anyone can use them!


    Excited to shoot some more at finals already,


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