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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Put my name at the top of your list

Attention Racers! Here are the start lists for tomorrow night's Jeff Hannemann Memorial Cyclocross races, aka the 2013 Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Prologue.

Of note:
  • CX-Men will be divided into FOUR (4) heats of 30 people each. We decide who goes where, no discussion will be entered into.
  • CX-Women will run with Open-Women.
  • There will be a very very VERY limited number of spots in CX-Women, Open-Women & Open-Men available on the day. Plenty of kids slots left, bring 'em down!
  • If you believe you pre-registered and aren't listed below please forward your confirmation email to ddcx.entries at gmail dot com and we'll look into it. No confirmation email? You messed up the form somehow. Buh-bow.
  • There may be spots available in CX-Men, however they won't become available until riders scratch on the night as we are currently at capacity. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. Cyclocrossing hey?
  • If you wish to nab one of these spots you'd best get to registration when it opens at 530pm tomorrow and put your name on the standby list. First come, first served.
  • If you wish to scratch, email  ddcx.entries at gmail dot com ASAP.
  • If you have a CA / MTBA / BMXA licence, bring it with you, or proof of payment. No licence, no race, no arguments.
  • If you do not have a CA / MTBA / BMXA licence you will need to purchase a DDCX Season Pass. These will be for sale from 530pm tomorrow, they are $50.
  • If you are a 13 or under kid, you can purchase a Kidz licence for $16.
  • Race entry is $10 for adults, $5 for kids.
  • CASH ONLY, please bring correct change.
  • Yes it's going to be hectic at the registration desks, but be polite to the volunteers as you may find yourself without a race entry if you behave like a jerk.
  • Registration opens 530pm
  • Course opens 600pm. No number, no helmet, no practice.
  • Racing commences 7pm with kids & open, at this point CX-M riders that haven't collected their number will be scratched and standby riders will fill the empty slots.
  • Each grade will get two short races, kids will finish earlier so they can have a nap before staying up late to watch the Giro.
  • After the racing is done and presentations are over, head to the Lomond Hotel for the after party, hosted by The New Timer.
Sorry about the text dump below, HTML isn't my strong suit. Do a Ctrl-F!

Have fun!
Surname    First Name
Abbey    Josh
Akse    Jelmer
Arnold    Christof
Baker    Kristan
Balding    Dyon
Barrett    Wil
Batchelor    Aaron
Bell    Colin
Bethel    Alan
Blazevic    Adam
Braunsteins    Peter
Buckle    Andrew
Butler    Jason
Carroll    Steven
Carruthers    Sean
Christie    Heath
Clark    Brad
Cobbledick    Marcus
Collett    Russell
Collins    Nathan
Cotterell    Nicholas
Cowburn    Andrew
Cranswick    Charlie
Crosbie    Michael
Cryan    Dominic
Czechowski    John
Dann    Michael
De Luca    Leigh
de Soto    Damion
Deane    Nicholas
Denis    Patrick
Doran    Simon
Dowling    Benzy
Drehlich    Mark
Dungey    Che
Eastick    Brad
Edwards    nicholas
Efford    Mik
Farr    Dean
Fitzsimmons    Hamish
Flaherty    Jason
Floyd    Lee
Giuliani    Nazario
Godfree    Mikkeli
Graham    Justin
Greenwood    Philip
gribble    Al
Griffiths    Blake
groves    john
Guttmann    Laurence
Hartill    Chris
Hartnett    William
Hawkins    Austen
Hay    Grant
Haydon    Simon
hayes    james
Healey    Ben
heitmann    gareth
Henry    Travis
Higginbottom    Tristan
Hildred    Jy
hogan    greg
Holder    Michael
Huntley    Alex
huth    gareth
Iwanov    Alex
Jackson    Adrian
Jeffries    Liam
Jones    Luke
Kah    Danny
Kerr    Hayden
King    Adam
Kurka    Thomas
Kyle    Robert
Larkin    Paul
Le Page    Laurent
leach    warrack
Lee Shoy    Courtenay
Lett    Nick
Mahoney    Nick
markey    peter
Matthews    Lachlan
Maughan    Tony
McBain    Jason
Meyland    Alex
Mitchell    Nick
Moore    Dan
mos    mark
Murray    Aaron
Norris-Jones    Cory
Oliver    Paddy
Payne    Steven
Phillips    Bruce
Phoon    Vei
Powell    Edward
Ratcliff    Kirk
Redenbachs    Paul
Rehlinger    Pierre
Robinson    Neil
Ruiter    Reuben
Schilling    Leigh
Simons    Craig
Slaney    Sam
Smith    Nick
Smith    Chris
Stewart-Jacks    Alistair
TOWERS    Craig
Tran    Dean
Van Der Berg    Roger
vandenbergh    adrian
Vaughan    Adam
Vellacot    Huw
Vlass    Ben
Weir    Stuart
Whiting    Matt
Winn    Cam
Woolcock    Cam
Yeatman    Paul



Surname    First Name
Anset    Melissa
Baggs    Chloe
Brown    Claire
Combe    Nadia
Garrett    Wendy
Green    Shelley
Gurner    Erica
Low    Vinca
Macpherson    Jenny
McDonough    April
McSwan    Amity
Mittiga    Lauren
Munsterman    Maartje
Nelson    Diane
Petran  Adele
Phillips    Amy
Richards    Deborah
Scurr    Michelle
shinn    courtney
Simpson    Josie
Stewart    Verita
Williamson    Bec
Wilton    Emma


 Surname    First Name
Adin    Robert
Barber    Ben
bickerstaff    phil
Custom Cycles    Larrys
Deane    James
Edwards    Patrick
Frank    Michael
Hartnett    William
Heiskanen    Tate
Hodges    Adam
Hughes    Benedict
Jones    Adam
Kuc    Anthony
McInulty    Peter
Peacock    Craig
Ripp    Paul
Scarlett    David
Shackleford    Dave
Supreme    Coffee
Thynne    Jim
Trainers    CycleOps
Urie    Shaun
Walkerden    Ben


Surname    First Name
Belz    Gabrielle
Hill    Karen
Ilievski    Gayle
Mahon    Angela
McInulty    Heather
Slocum    Bridget


Surname    First Name
Bell    Ruben
Buckle    Michael
Davey    Kieran
Giuliani    Remy
Gregory    Lucas
Hughes    Emily
Jirovec    Eddie
mcconnell    Lachlan
Mcconnell    Campbell
Parlevliet    kallum
Treadlie    Jacob
Urie    Josh
Urie    Jack
Williamson    Bec's Son

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