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Friday, 3 May 2013

Hot Chilli Woman

Ladies, miss the Death Crits already? Not enough CX races in winter to keep you happy? (ProTip: Work with your club and put one one!) Sick of riding the rollers in the garage? Then does Cycling Victoria have a deal for you!

This winter, CV is putting on a series of 'tasters' for different kinds of cycling that you might not have tried before, or would like more exposure to. Chilled Tapas kicks off on Sunday May 12th with our very own Women's & kids CX skills session x International Cyclofemme Global Women's Cycling Day event x Mother's Day collabo down at Australia's spiritual home of cyclocross, Harrison St Velodrome, East Brunswick. 

A 'cross bike is ideal, a MTB will suffice, but anything with two wheels and a brake will get the job done.

In case you missed the first session, read all about it here.

Emily is not to be trifled with

It's $20/per plate, or $50 for the degustation, but in the spirit of DDCX, ours is with the compliments of the chef, so you can put your Diners Club away.

The session line up is as follows:

Sunday May 12th: Cyclocross (HSV)
Sunday May 19th: Handicapped Road Racing (Albert Park)
Friday May 24th: Indoor roller training (DISC)
Sunday May 26th: Intro to Track Cycling (DISC)
Saturday June 1st: Victorian Road Series - Road racing (Kew Blvd)

You can find more information here.

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