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Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm proposing a swift orderly change

You asked, we resisted.

You kept asking, we finally caved.

No, DDCX won't have Masters grades, but we do have online pre-registration! Dragged kicking and screaming into this web 2.0 world.

Those of you that race Northern Combine will be familiar with the system, as googleform genius Col has ported it over for our purposes.

Here's how it's going to work:
  • Online rego will open one week before the race (assuming we don't forget to go live) and close two days before the race. For the prologue it will open Saturday evening, we will blog/tweet/instagram/facebook the link to the registration page as it goes live, so you will know all about it unless you don't have internet, in which case you can't register anyway.
  • As grades fill, entry statuses will move from 'provisionally entered' to 'waitlisted' to 'snowflake's chance'. Your confirmation email will detail which category you are in. We'll post a start list the day before the race so you can see if your waitlist status has been changed, we will not be contacting riders individually to inform them of this.
  • On the day entries will still be available if the grades don't fill and/or riders scratch/noshow before registration closes.
  • If you have to scratch your entry, email ddcx.entries+scratch@gmail.com, scratchings with less than 24hr notice may be subject to a fee, but why wouldn't you race!?
  • If you try to enter multiple times due to being waitlisted, your duplicates will be deleted.
  • All fields in the form are required, if you don't know what to put, ask a mate or email ddcx.entries@gmail.com for clarification.
  • Select your grade to the best of your ability. The handicappers have the final say in grading and will be making adjustments by reviewing past results and total race entries. Sandbaggers beware.
  • You will be required to bring your licence and cash for the entry fee to the registration desk, if you don't have a licence and are purchasing a Season Pass, bring other photo ID. 
  • DDCX Season Passes will be available for purchase at the Prologue and future rounds. They are still the low low price of $50. If you decide to upgrade to a full "Gold" CA licence, the cost of the permit is deducted from your licence fee. The Season pass is valid for:
    • DDCX Prologue
    • DDCX Round 1
    • DDCX Round 2
    • Victorian CX State Championships (support races only)
    • SpookyCX
  • Kidz licences, for children under 13 are $16, these are valid for a year, and can be used for road and track racing too.
  • Race entry is still TEN BUX. This has to be the biggest bargain in bike racing after the DDCX Season Pass.
  • Payment for race entries and licences will be cash only, please try to bring exact change.
Thank you for reading... here is a picture of a cute cat


  1. will the cat be at the prologue?

  2. are the cats paws UCI legal width?

  3. Catsuits allowed at all cx events though :)


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