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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rain On The Scarecrow

I'm already a week late on my report from Sydney, but amongst a myriad of excuses there is the fact that 'cross season just got reaallllll good over in the states.

How good?

This good...
(all photos courtesy cyclingdirt.com)

Watch what I mean here:

Watch more video of 2012 Providence Cyclocross Festival CyclingDirt Classic #1 on cyclingdirt.org

Massive props to (21yr old!) Zach McD for his clear win in a heavyweight Elite field and for being so humble about it. Helen Wyman getting her 9th straight win deserves some recognition too.

Nys/Albert battling in Ruddervoorde wasn't bad either...

The first World Cup in a couple of weeks will be interesting.

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