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Monday, 1 October 2012

(I Wanna See) Oka Everywhere

As the brain fog clears from a great weekend up in Sydney for the final rounds of the inaugural National Cyclocross Series the fun ain't done (just yet).

First of all much congratulation is due to the overall winners (AJ and Lisa Jacobs) as well as the individual round winners (Sid and Mel) for some wicked good racing on a very interesting course. The battles all up and down the positions between many new friends made it hard and fun. It was truly a great way to end what was a great series.

 I'm sure the fine folks at CA will have the overall series rankings published soon enough so you can see where you finished and it might inspire you to head out of state to a few more of the races next year (if only to make sure that Blakey doesnt end up beating you overall).

Coming up this weekend is the final race of the Cross Melburn series. After many venue headaches they are back at Lysterfield, and you can be pretty sure that the beach will make a comeback after the success/suffering it caused last time. It also features my favourite stair set in any course I've raced. Head over here for more information...

 Then the weekend afterwards is the Double Cross. Many of the DDCX organisers will be in attendance so don't be afraid to say hi, or share a sandwich with us at the feed zones. Well except for Jeremy as he will likely just be quickly bunny-hopping off into the distance. Word is that the course is pretty damn fun and you don't want that cross bike to get dusty do you?

and finally, plans are coming together for the aforementioned SpookyCX. Have no fear more information is coming once Blakey returns from his foray into #vanlife, but suffice to say costumed racer entry discounts, mystery tents, inter-discipline race formats and lots of high fives are all in store. We are deadly serious about this being a fun event.

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