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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pumpkin Faces In The Night

Just under a week until SpookyCX and the first ever BCCDDCXSSCXWC race.

DDCXHQ have been organising their costumes and busily making trophies and medals to award to the SSCX champions. Too much coffee was consumed and the engraving is a little shaky, we're working on it.


We'd like to take a moment to remind you that whilst we highly encourage dressing up, whether you're racing or spectating, please put some thought and creativity into your costume. Take a leaf out of Ohio University's book and skip the cultural appropriation, and give any pre-made costumes with 'sexy' in the title a pass. (Unless of course it's 'sexy zombie pigeon'.) Use your imagination, get your DIY on and see if you can win our best costume award on the night.

If you have any questions about licencing / race categories etc, drop us a line now, don't leave it until Friday.

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